Charlie races with Team Scotland at prestigious champs

Twelve-year-old GTC member Charlie Treharne recently raced in the British Triathlon Inter-regional Championships. He took fourth place in the TriStar 2 boy’s race, helping Scotland to become the overall winners.

The IRC is part of the British Triathlon Under 20s’ festival and last month it took place at Mallory Park in Leicestershire.

The festival is considered the pinnacle of the season for triathletes aged 11 to 19 and has become a key milestone in the development of future triathlon stars.

The annual competition weekend starts with the IRC, which is for TriStar 2 and 3 age groups. Teams from 10 English regions, as well as Scotland, Wales and Jersey, compete.

Athletes score points for their team based upon their finishing position. Points are totalled for each team with the lowest two scores discarded. The team with the highest score is crowned the Inter-Regional Champions.

Charlie qualifies and races

Charlie was thrilled to qualify for the championships. He says: “In the Scottish championship race at Bellahouston I came third. I hadn’t realised that only the first two in that race got into the IRC automatically so at first I thought I was in.

“It turns out I had to wait and see but since I had done well in races over that season I got in.

“Everyone congratulated me when I qualified and it was really inspiring and helpful.”

Charlie competed in the individual IRC race was on September 15 and the team race the following day.

He says: “I felt like the individual race went well for me. I had a good swim, getting in front of quite a lot of people. My bike was good as well. I stuck with a pack for most of it, occasionally trying to break and bridge to people in front.

“My run was OK but I was annoyed that I let Alex Robin, my friend who I have raced against for years and who normally beats me, in front of me as I was hoping to beat him.

“But I managed to come fourth, which I was very pleased with.”

IRC winners: Team Scotland.

Charlie raced in the Scotland Team C, which came 31st overall. A team member, Fergus Currie, had a bike mechanical, which obviously affected their placing.

After all the scores were tallied, Scotland was crowned the Inter-regional Champions 2018.

Charlie’s hopes for triathlon

Charlie dreams of getting into the British team and making it to the Olympics. But wisely, he adds: “If I can’t manage that, I will just do the sport for fun.

“I really like the adrenaline and friendliness of triathlon. Everyone is supportive even if they don’t know you. You can make lots of new friends in it. I have made a lot of friends and they are mainly what makes it fun and enjoyable.”

Charlie enjoys being part of GTC. He says: “What I like about the club is that everyone is really friendly and no-one forces you to do anything if you don’t feel good. It is fun and no-one gets left out.”