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Three juniors qualify for national champs

Congratulations go to three junior GTC members who have qualified for the Inter Regional Championships this summer. Charlie Treharne, Amiya Patel and Fraser Donaldson were selected for the National Championships for the Tristar2 and Tristar3 triathletes after competing at Triathlon Scotland National Youth Championships at Bellahouston Park earlier this month. Only the best triathletes from each […]

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Sunny and successful Briggs Triathlon 2018

The annual GTC organised Bishopbriggs Triathlon was blessed by a day of warm sunshine this year. Around 90 volunteers welcomed the favourable conditions as some 400 athletes, including adults and children, took part in the popular race.

Duggie Mac, who is Race Director, said: “It was another very successful day at Briggs, which was greatly assisted by the lovely weather.

“I want to say a huge thanks to all the leads and volunteers who helped to make this day such a success.

“And special thanks to The Real Food Cafe in Tyndrum. They not only donated a yummy flapjack for each competitor but also added a voucher for a free cake and coffee with any meal from The Real Food Cafe.”

Some of the very cheerful volunteers.
President Sean finds a relaxing role.
Ray helps at the race set up.
Maggie’s colour coordinated swim hat after-race hang out.

The race distances

Sprint Triathlon: 750m swim, 20km cycle, 5km run

Novice Triathlon: 400m swim, 10km cycle, 3km run

Youth Triathlon: (15-16 yrs) 400m swim, 10km cycle, 3km run

Tristars 3 Triathlon: (13-14 yrs) 300m swim, 5km cycle, 2km run

Tristars 2 Triathlon: (11-12 yrs) 200m swim, 5km cycle, 2km run

Briggs Tri 2018 winners

In the sprint race:

Top 3 men:

Jonathon Jackson

Neil Hepburn

David Mcmillan.

(The top two men race in the Junior C category.)

Top 3 women:

Lara Maclean

Shona Girdwood

Hannah Terrance

(Both Lorna and Shine compete in the veteran category.)

Novice race


Dearg Stobie

Denis Williams

Stuart Mitchell


Audrey Braven-Ayres

Julie Barnett

Laura Burnside



Daniel Saunders

William Taylor

Callum Bryne


Isla Britton (third overall)

Clare Wallace

Kyra Gibb

Tristar 3 


Cameron Macmillan

Fergus Curries

Sam Glass


Anya Maclean

Ruby Methven

Johanna Mackenzie

Tristar 2


Oliver Patton

Charlie Treherne (GTC)

Alex Robin


Melissa Turnbull

Mirren Stewart

Coryn Maclean

Full Race results

A few race photos

£450 cake stall

Another club member Catriona Padmanabhan organised a cake stall to raise funds for the junior section of the club.

She said: “A massive thank you to everyone who helped at the baking stall. All your baking contributions were fabulous and we are very grateful to Helen Bolland, Jennifer Laskey, Anna and Erica who manned the stall all day while I kept running off to watch the kids finish. We raised an impressive £450.”

Post race party

A post-event party for volunteers was hosted by Hilary and Paul Glen in Bearsden. Duggie said: “Big thanks to Hilary and Paul for the party. You are truly endurance people. I also have witnesses that will confirm you have promised this as an annual feature for the Briggs Triathlon!”

Athlete of the month: Brian Kelly

Brian with his grandchildren.

Brian has been a member of GTC for 18 months and races in the veteran category (age 60 to 64). In fact, he completed the Briggs Triathlon on his 62nd birthday.

As a youngster, Brian played football before discovering a love and talent for hockey in his last year of secondary school. He played hockey for some 12 years in Scotland and Holland and reached what he describes rather modestly as a “respectable level”.

Brian said: “I also played Gaelic football, ran a few half marathons and enjoyed cycling but hockey was my first real sports passion.”

Throughout his life, Brian reports he has had problems with his weight. He said: “During periods when I wasn’t exercising I would put on weight and gradually the weight stayed on. Life changed with marriage and children and so did my priorities.

“I started doing fad diets to try to lose weight, which led me to the Atkins diet. I lost a lot of weight doing this with minimal exercise but when I stopped this diet I eventually put on more weight than I had lost.

“I ended up at the GP, who took some blood samples and I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and hypertension.”

That’s when Brian decided to join GTC.

He said: “A cycling friend, Julie Fitzpatrick, suggested that I give triathlon a go as a way to exercise more and so I found GTC. I also signed up for the Bute Triathlon novice race at the same time.

“Being a part of GTC and exercising regularly, plus attending Slimming World, where I have been given the correct advice on exercise and food intake, have worked wonders for me.

“I have lost a total of 32kgs and managed to reverse my diabetes and get my blood pressure back to normal. I am very happy about this.”

Brian’s triathlon likes

When it comes to triathlon, Brian enjoys both the cycling and swimming disciplines and although he has long been a fan of cycling he reckons swimming is now his favourite sport.

He said: “I find it so easy to get lost in my own thoughts while swimming in the pool, which is great when the rest of life is busy.

“I have also benefitted from the Sunday night swim session and the coaches are all fantastic including Duggie Mac, Sean, Rose, Lochlan and Niall.”

Brian, who is a grandad, has so far completed a number of sprint and novice triathlons and prefers the longer distance. After Briggs Triathlon this weekend he wrote: “It was my birthday and I also did a triathlon. I had an amazing day.”

He lists a few achievements that he has been proud of. He said:  “I cycled from London to Paris to raise funds for the prostate cancer charity after my dad died of the cancer.

“I was also proud to reaching the semi finals of the British GAA and I felt great when I  completed my first sprint triathlon at Lochgilphead.”

Brian has a few goals for this year: To get PB in a sprint triathlon, to complete his first standard triathlon (Chester on June 3) and to PB at 10k.

One day he would like to do a Half Ironman.

Brian’s tips for newcomers to triathlon

Join Glasgow Triathlon Club

Listen to what the coaches tell you

Believe in yourself.