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Swim caps and running vests for 2014


We will be offering a running vest as a part of your membership this year.  The vests are worth about £5-£6 each, so this works out as a saving of around £5 (your membership is £30, last year was £29, so its only £1 extra for the membership and a vest!).

We have also got some NICE new swim caps to distribute.  Silicone Ones.  They will be available in the new year for £4.50 each.

Hope you all have a fab Christmas and New Year and keep committed to your training during the festivities.  Bucks fizz and turkey pieces are perfectly acceptable post training food stuffs.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2014 and to focussing on new challenges and getting the club and individuals ranking as highly as possible in the Triathlon Scotland and British Triathlon events.