GTC turn out in force for a weekend of racing

GTC in full force at the Durty events.

It was a busy weekend for GTC with many members racing on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday, athletes competed in the New Cumnock Super Sprint Triathlon and Junior Aquathlon; the Beastie triathlons; and the St Mary’s Loch Standard Triathlon and Aquabike.

The Outlaw took place on Sunday with two GTC members competing.

New Cumnock Super Sprint and Aquathlon

GTC’s Louise Ross is first lady while Celia Greig came third.

The super sprint comprises a 400m swim in a 25m heated open-air pool in New Cumnock, Ayrshire, a 14km cycle and a 3km run.

The aquathlon distances were different for the age groups. Age 8-10 and 11-12 swam 50m and 13-15 years swam 100m plus a 1.5km run for all.

GTC super couple Craig and Louise Ross took wins for the male and female races, while Celia Greig came home third.

Other GTC athletes competing were Lizzie Hamilton, Colin Hughes, Brian Kelly, Erin Lang, Jennifer Laskey and Martin Smith.

Men’s winner Craig said: “The race was different because it was in an open-air 25m pool. It was lovely and warm in contrast to the 12 degrees air temperature.

“The cycle was tough because of cross winds. It was definitely not a day for deep section wheels or TT bars, but it was a course for the climbers.

“My highlight had to be overtaking Martin on the bike after a few miles. He’s a lot stronger than me in the pool and as I passed him he exclaimed, ‘F$%! Already’. It made me laugh.

In the women’s race, Louise took the lead in the run with about half a mile to go. She said: “I felt strong even after my ‘still in holiday mode’ swim.”

Craig added: “It was a good day and a strong GTC turnout, but boy was that a contrast to the 30C sunshine we left in Spain on Thursday.”

New Cumnock Junior Aquathlon

(No photos because I do not have agreement form all parents to publish on the blog.)

Ten juniors raced in the aquathlon and it is great to see so many siblings competing together. Some kids had come to the race with their GTC parents, too.

The overall winner for the girls was Amiya Patel.

Juniors who competed included Eloise Godolphin, Hector Godolphin, Mariyah Kareem, Molly Knox, Finlay Laskey, Ruari Laskey, Amiya Patel, Anna Ross, Lilian Smith and Rachel Smith.

According to Craig: “The actual age groups were 8-9, 10, and 11-15, confusingly. Special mention should go to Mariyah Kareem, who took third place in her first race.”

8 podiums for the juniors

Age 8-9:

Boys – Finlay 2nd

Girls – Molly 3rd

Age 10:

Boys – Hector 2nd and Ruari 3rd

Girls – Lilian 2nd Mariyah 3rd

Age 11-15

Girls – Amiya 1st and Rachel 3rd

For full results see New Cumnock Swimming Pool on Facebook.

The Beastie Triathlons

Seventeen GTC members turned out to race in one of three events at Loch Lomond: The Beastie Triathlon, the Wee Beastie Novice Triathlon and the Bikeless Beastie (also the Scottish National Aquathlon Champs). The events are organised by Lomond Swimming & Triathlon Club.

Mia Padmanbhan (still a junior) had a superb race in the Wee Beastie coming home 2nd female and 3rd overall .

Mia, with an impressive time of 53:10, said: “I am very pleased with my result especially since I had been working hard at training camp all the previous week.

“There was a tricky technical section on the bike and a long grassy straight that was hard work but I was pleased to race so well.”

In the Beastie (sprint distance), Nial Smith was second overall in a time of 1:24:42.

He said: “This was the first triathlon I ever did and I’ve competed each year since. The worst bit for me was kicking the ground and taking a chunk out my big toe as I ran to T1.

“The best part was catching a glimpse of the men in second and third place on the run and knowing I had a chance.”

Marc Giles was competing in his first triathlon, the Wee Beastie. He said: “It was my first time in open water and even a wetsuit. I have always been nervous of water so it felt like a real breakthrough. Some tips from Alan Kennedy and a wetsuit helped!

“I definitely needed way more experience with open water, sighting and dealing with the carnage and as for my transition – 4.5 mins for T1 – that tells you all you need to know.

“I finished in 1hr 49 mins and I’ve no where that sits but the bike and run felt strong.”

Eve completes the Wee Beastie.

Eve Dallas was also delighted to have completed her first triathlon, the Wee Beastie. She said: “It was a brilliant event and so supportive.

“Thanks, too, to all the coaches and everyone I’ve met in GTC who’ve given tips and encouragement over the last four months. I am now looking forward to the next triathlon.”

Michelle Morgan was a first-timer as well. She said: “I want to say thanks so much for all the tips from GTC in the run up to the race. Some 10 weeks ago I was a complete beginner who I hadn’t even swam with my head under the water

“I managed the swim and the top half of my wetsuit was off before I left the jetty thanks to glugging the water in. That’s the best tip ever.

“And my transition was super fast thanks to all the great advice. Plus I wore a smile throughout the race and enjoyed it so much!”

Laurence Boischot also enjoyed racing. She said: “My time was by no means an impressive feat compared to what some folks achieved, but I was delighted to actually pass several fellow swimmers for the first time ever in a race.

“I will not dwell on the fact that I’d started well at the back and that they might have been ill/jetlagged/totally unprepared. Instead, I’ll embrace this modest little joy.

“I want to say a huge thank you to all the coaches who have helped me re-learn front crawl.”

These are the GTC finishing times.

See  Full results

St Mary’s Loch Standard Triathlon

Taking place on Saturday, too, the  Durty Events   St Mary’s Loch Standard Triathlon and an Aquabike (swim and bike only) attracted more than 20 GTC members.

GTC athletes exit the swim.
Heading in (or out?) of the bike course.
Smiles in transition.

These are our competitors in order of finishing:

Mike Donaldson 2:23:23; Andrew Hart 2:34:13; Stuart Whittle 2:37:2; Alastair Young 2:43:11; Juliette Linford 2:45:43; Chloe Mcadam 2:45:59; Paul Glen 2:50:19; Cathal O’Donoghue 2:51:31; Dawn Hunter 2:56:30; Annibale Coia 2:59:01; Anna Taylor 3:05:27; Michelle Donaldson 3:11:26; Stephanie Hart 3:16:26; Joanne Robertson 3:19:53; Hilary Glen 3:27:36; Amanda Murphy 03:31:43; Claire Robertson 03:36:06 and Elaine Taylor 04:00:25.

A very smiley Hilary (presumably relieved to be out of the water).

As Hilary Glen is fond of quoting me verbatim, this is what she had to say about the day: “Weather was sh*t. Torrential rain and gale force headwind for first half of race. But great being there with good crowd from the club. Oh, and the swim was better than expected.”

Doing her first standard distance triathlon, Cathal O’Donoghue said: “I thought it was a great day out. The swim was good and the water was nice. The off-road run was the toughest part for me.”

St Mary’s Loch Aquabike

Three GTC members took part in the swim-bike race.

John looks the part!

John Lund was 5th overall and 2nd MV in 01:38:16.

Another super GTC couple was racing with Paul Gallagher finishing in 1:49:34 and Susan Gallagher in 02:33:23.

See full results.

The Outlaw

Sunday saw Stuart McIntyre and Fiona Beck complete in the Outlaw ironman distance triathlon on Sunday.

Stuart finished in 13:56:39, while Fiona’s time was 14:57:39.

A race report is to come.

And after all this racing I would like to quote Hilary Glen (again). I haven’t asked her but I just know she would say: “You are all marvellous!”