Member’s Digest February 2014

Welcome to your first member’s digest of 2014 😀

For those who don’t know me, I’m Coach Jo and can usually be found poolside at the Western Baths on a Sunday night. These emails are intended to be a wee summary of what’s going on in the club and a round up of race results. So if you’ve been out racing, whether triathlon, multisport, running, cycling or swimming, send your results in to me at and I’ll include them in the email. Be sure to include if your result was a placing, personal best, course best, first time at a distance or just an uber enjoyable race! Equally, if you have any announcement you’d like included in these emails or would like any further info on anything in them, send me an email.

General Announcements

Roll call for volunteers for the Allander Junior Aquathlon on Sunday 23rd March. No experience required, should only take 8-11am-ish. Some of our new junior section are racing in this event so lets get out there and support them! Do feel free to bring friends/family members as additional volunteers. Fire an email back to me if you’d like to add your name to the list.

GTC silicone swim caps are for sale for £4.50, you should be able to get these from coaches at swimming.

If you haven’t joined the club yet, why not? Linky If you have, make sure you collect your GTC running vest, as part of the membership this year. Wear it with pride!

Getting bored of the crap weather? Get along to Sean’s spin class at 8pm on a Wednesday at Bellahouston sports centre. Guaranteed good tunes and a good workout and Sean has said if it’s your first time at spin then you go free! Don’t forget our other training sessions too.


A band of merry GTC men (and women) rocked up in Kirkintilloch on what must have been the sunniest weekend of 2014 so far for 12.5km of hills, hills, hills. Results were as follows:

  • Peter Goodwin 00:51:18
  • Craig Napier 00:52:44
  • Stephen Macintyre 00:54:19
  • Daniel Burczyk 00:54:37
  • Alan McMurray 00:57:30
  • Pete Wightman 00:58:22
  • Derek Jennings 00:64:28
  • Joanne Hewitt 00:65:16
  • Alan Kennedy 00:67:23
  • Nick Vaughan 00:67:23
  • Derek’s time was a 7min PB from last year!

Also out racing this weekend (albeit in different colours) were Ian Hannah and myself at Carnethy 5 hill race – 9km of distance and a tidy 760m of climbing. Ian Hannah came in 1:09:19 and myself (not last, yay!) in 1:47:02. Top drawer.

That’s all from me, be sure to let me know if you’re racing and how you get on!

Coach Jo