Swim, bike & run for all

GTC offers regular sessions for members  that focus on swimming, cycling and running . Our sessions are delivered under the guidance of qualified coaches, while there are also informal, non-coached sessions that are organised by members.

(When you join the club you can also join our busy Facebook page.)

The sessions cater for all levels of ability and you are welcome to take part in as few or as many as you wish. We pride ourselves on welcoming all athletes.

The club operates a “squads” programme and we follow an Annual Training Plan to ensure all abilities and aspirations are catered for. Please take a look at GTC squads to find out the best coached sessions for you.

The first session is free and then we ask that you join the club. Please use the booking system to sign up for training sessions.

For seniors training see winter programme and summer programme.

Annual Training Plan

Training Intensities

INTENSITIES Rate of Perceived Effort (RPE)
EASY (recovery) < 5/10 50% easy to talk, long term sustainable (but maybe a bit dull…)
AEROBIC (low > high) 5 – 7/10 50% – 79% talk every now and then, sustainable
THRESHOLD (race pace) 8/10 80-89% struggling to talk, sustainable for measured distance or duration (ie. race)
FAST (V02max) 9/10 90-99% can’t talk, short duration,  expect to fail
SPRINT (max) 10/10 100% don’t even think about talking, not sustainable beyond immediate effort


You can work on establishing your own training zones using this spreadsheet.  This will serve only as a guide to your possible achievements.

Pace and volume chart

For junior training see the youth section.


Swimming, Cycling, Running. We do it best!