Juniors at it again: Great results at Knockburn triathlons

A team of GTC youngsters and adults headed to Knockburn Loch in Aberdeenshire to compete in a series of Fleet Feet triathlons, including sprint, super sprint and junior triathlon, this weekend.

The venue includes a purpose-built swimming loch with an enclosed cycling track for kids races and lovely natural trails around it.

It’s one of very few Scottish races that kids can do in open water, although many people said it was a chilly at 13C.

The Sprint and Super Sprint triathlons include  a hilly 18k cycle loop, which competitors thought was harder than the distance suggested it should be.


Another podium for Mia

Mia Padmanabhan showed a strong performance finishing first female  in the Super Sprit and third overall.

The race comprised a 400m swim, 18k cycle and 2.5k run.

Mia’s dad, Neal, said: “Mia was first out of the water, which reflects the excellent coaching she’s been getting from Cliona Ferguson and Billy Mitchell at the club, as well as Adam Riley at Milgavie & Bearsden Swimming Club.”

Mia, who finished in 53.11, said: “This race has a great atmosphere and it was a lovely day to do it on as well. I enjoyed the swim and I thought the bike course was very scenic.”

Juniors race well at Knockburn

GTC did very well in all the junior races.

Tristar 1 girls:

Nina Padmanabhan was 5th

Tristar 2 boys:

Charlie Treharne 2nd

Rory Treharne 3rd

Ali Padmanabhan 6th

Jack Wallace 7th.

Neal said: “The Tristar 2 was a great race with Charlie just pipped on the line and very strong racing from the others in a very close contest.”

Tristar 2 girls:
Holly Glen 7th – Neal said: “A super race by Holly.”

Tristar 3 boys:
Jamie Glen 5th

Aiden Quinn 11th

Tristar 3 girls:

Ellie Wallace 3rd.

Sprint triathlon results

Three GTC adults raced in the Sprint Triathlon. (Blog ed: Well, since they were there with their superkeen and super racy kids they might as well do something!)

Neal Padmanabhan: 6th Supervet in 1.12.10
Paul Glen:  18th Vet in 1.17.53
Hilary Glen: 8th Vet in 1.28.46

See full results.

Sunny and successful Briggs Triathlon 2018

The annual GTC organised Bishopbriggs Triathlon was blessed by a day of warm sunshine this year. Around 90 volunteers welcomed the favourable conditions as some 400 athletes, including adults and children, took part in the popular race.

Duggie Mac, who is Race Director, said: “It was another very successful day at Briggs, which was greatly assisted by the lovely weather.

“I want to say a huge thanks to all the leads and volunteers who helped to make this day such a success.

“And special thanks to The Real Food Cafe in Tyndrum. They not only donated a yummy flapjack for each competitor but also added a voucher for a free cake and coffee with any meal from The Real Food Cafe.”

Some of the very cheerful volunteers.
President Sean finds a relaxing role.
Ray helps at the race set up.
Maggie’s colour coordinated swim hat after-race hang out.

The race distances

Sprint Triathlon: 750m swim, 20km cycle, 5km run

Novice Triathlon: 400m swim, 10km cycle, 3km run

Youth Triathlon: (15-16 yrs) 400m swim, 10km cycle, 3km run

Tristars 3 Triathlon: (13-14 yrs) 300m swim, 5km cycle, 2km run

Tristars 2 Triathlon: (11-12 yrs) 200m swim, 5km cycle, 2km run

Briggs Tri 2018 winners

In the sprint race:

Top 3 men:

Jonathon Jackson

Neil Hepburn

David Mcmillan.

(The top two men race in the Junior C category.)

Top 3 women:

Lara Maclean

Shona Girdwood

Hannah Terrance

(Both Lorna and Shine compete in the veteran category.)

Novice race


Dearg Stobie

Denis Williams

Stuart Mitchell


Audrey Braven-Ayres

Julie Barnett

Laura Burnside



Daniel Saunders

William Taylor

Callum Bryne


Isla Britton (third overall)

Clare Wallace

Kyra Gibb

Tristar 3 


Cameron Macmillan

Fergus Curries

Sam Glass


Anya Maclean

Ruby Methven

Johanna Mackenzie

Tristar 2


Oliver Patton

Charlie Treherne (GTC)

Alex Robin


Melissa Turnbull

Mirren Stewart

Coryn Maclean

Full Race results

A few race photos

£450 cake stall

Another club member Catriona Padmanabhan organised a cake stall to raise funds for the junior section of the club.

She said: “A massive thank you to everyone who helped at the baking stall. All your baking contributions were fabulous and we are very grateful to Helen Bolland, Jennifer Laskey, Anna and Erica who manned the stall all day while I kept running off to watch the kids finish. We raised an impressive £450.”

Post race party

A post-event party for volunteers was hosted by Hilary and Paul Glen in Bearsden. Duggie said: “Big thanks to Hilary and Paul for the party. You are truly endurance people. I also have witnesses that will confirm you have promised this as an annual feature for the Briggs Triathlon!”

Athlete of the month: Brian Kelly

Brian with his grandchildren.

Brian has been a member of GTC for 18 months and races in the veteran category (age 60 to 64). In fact, he completed the Briggs Triathlon on his 62nd birthday.

As a youngster, Brian played football before discovering a love and talent for hockey in his last year of secondary school. He played hockey for some 12 years in Scotland and Holland and reached what he describes rather modestly as a “respectable level”.

Brian said: “I also played Gaelic football, ran a few half marathons and enjoyed cycling but hockey was my first real sports passion.”

Throughout his life, Brian reports he has had problems with his weight. He said: “During periods when I wasn’t exercising I would put on weight and gradually the weight stayed on. Life changed with marriage and children and so did my priorities.

“I started doing fad diets to try to lose weight, which led me to the Atkins diet. I lost a lot of weight doing this with minimal exercise but when I stopped this diet I eventually put on more weight than I had lost.

“I ended up at the GP, who took some blood samples and I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and hypertension.”

That’s when Brian decided to join GTC.

He said: “A cycling friend, Julie Fitzpatrick, suggested that I give triathlon a go as a way to exercise more and so I found GTC. I also signed up for the Bute Triathlon novice race at the same time.

“Being a part of GTC and exercising regularly, plus attending Slimming World, where I have been given the correct advice on exercise and food intake, have worked wonders for me.

“I have lost a total of 32kgs and managed to reverse my diabetes and get my blood pressure back to normal. I am very happy about this.”

Brian’s triathlon likes

When it comes to triathlon, Brian enjoys both the cycling and swimming disciplines and although he has long been a fan of cycling he reckons swimming is now his favourite sport.

He said: “I find it so easy to get lost in my own thoughts while swimming in the pool, which is great when the rest of life is busy.

“I have also benefitted from the Sunday night swim session and the coaches are all fantastic including Duggie Mac, Sean, Rose, Lochlan and Niall.”

Brian, who is a grandad, has so far completed a number of sprint and novice triathlons and prefers the longer distance. After Briggs Triathlon this weekend he wrote: “It was my birthday and I also did a triathlon. I had an amazing day.”

He lists a few achievements that he has been proud of. He said:  “I cycled from London to Paris to raise funds for the prostate cancer charity after my dad died of the cancer.

“I was also proud to reaching the semi finals of the British GAA and I felt great when I  completed my first sprint triathlon at Lochgilphead.”

Brian has a few goals for this year: To get PB in a sprint triathlon, to complete his first standard triathlon (Chester on June 3) and to PB at 10k.

One day he would like to do a Half Ironman.

Brian’s tips for newcomers to triathlon

Join Glasgow Triathlon Club

Listen to what the coaches tell you

Believe in yourself.

GTC athlete of the month: Nathalie Jones 

Nathalie races in the veterans category and is often out on her bike at the crack of dawn to fit in her training (before work and family life get in the way).

She is a dietitian and on April 23 she will deliver her third annual presentation to the club on sports nutrition. (See details below.)

Nathalie has been a member of GTC twice. The first time was from 2002 to 2005 and she rejoined in 2017.

She came to triathlon through a background of running. She said: “I was attracted to a sport that has three disciplines for the variety.”

Of the three sports, running is still her favourite because, “I love the ease of it and that I can do it anywhere.”  She believes her cycling has improved the most since she joined the club.

Enjoying the race on New Year’s Day in Edinburgh.

Nathalie loves to race

Nathalie enjoys racing and especially Olympic and middle-distance triathlons. She rates her first Mallorca 70.3 event last year has her best achievement to date. She came 38th in the age group 40 to 44 in a time of 6:13:54.

Last year, she scored a sprint PB at GTC’s Briggs Triathlon in 1:23:29. She was sixth lady vet that day, too.

Mallorca 70.3.

This season, Nathalie has already achieved some great finishes. She was third female vet at the New Year’s Day Edinburgh Triathlon; second female vet and eighth overall at the Glasgow Uni Aquathlon; and first female vet at the Stirling Duathlon.

This year’s race goal is Ironman Edinburgh 70.3. She adds: “I also plan to compete in more races this season and I hope to be placed in some of these.”

In the future, Nathalie has aspirations to complete an Ironman “perhaps Wales or Barcelona” and also complete the ultra distance run, the Highland Fling.

Nathalie was fourth female in the Arran Man standard last year.

Getting through tough training sessions

If Nathalie is faced with a challenging training session she has a few methods for completing it. She says: “I might watch EastEnders on the iPlayer and try to switch off from what I am doing.

“I also think about the guilt I would feel if I stopped mid-training session.

“I try to remember that lots of people would love to be able to be fit and out there training and I tell myself to appreciate how lucky I am to be able to do what I do –  and to stop whinging.”

Tips for triathlon success

Follow a structured training programme

Get a coach if you have a race goal

Fuel right!

Sports nutrition evening

Monday April 23

Western Baths, Glasgow

From 7pm to 7.30pm, there will be presentation from the Glasgow Club on the benefits of a new corporate membership scheme for GTC.

Nathalie will then give her nutrition talk. One lucky attendee will win a free consultation and nutrition plan with Nathalie.

Booking will be available soon on this website. See Facebook event, too.

Get set for GTC training aquathlons

The annual GTC training aquathlons will launch next month at Pinkston Watersports in Glasgow.

This race series has been expanded to include five events that all take place on a Friday at 7pm.

The races include an open water swim in the Pinkston pool followed by a run. There will be prices for various age categories, both for men and women.

You should ensure you arrive in time to get changed for the off.

The races take place on:
May 25
June 22
July 20
Aug 24
Sept 14.


The series is good practice for taking part in triathlon races.

Don’t forget the HUUB wetsuit discount

GTC members can take advantage of a 30% discount on HUUB kit on-line. See HUUB. The discount code has featured in several newsletters (do a search to find it in your in-box) or email the club to find out the code.


Juniors race GTC Spring Aquathlon in winter conditions

Almost 160 junior athletes braved the snow and cold on Sunday to take part in the GTC Allander Youth Aquathlon.

The atmosphere was very upbeat and it was brilliant to see so many young competitors smiling as they raced in the two-discipline event.

The youths completed a pool swim before a run in the grounds around the Bearsden leisure centre. The distances vary according to age category.

More than 30 juniors raced for Glasgow Tri Club with five taking podium places.

Race organiser Pete Soden said: “It was a superb effort from all the competitors, parents and Team Glasgow Tri Club. We delivered a great morning’s programme of racing on a safe course, on schedule and against challenging early weather conditions.”

Competitors from GTC 

TriStar Starts

Anna Ross (3rd)

Tristar 1 girls

Nina Padmanabhan

Calli Abel

Skye Dick

Jodi Abel

Molly Know

Tristar1 boys

Max Van Der Horst (2nd)

Ted Churches

Hector Godolphin

Finlay Laskey

Cammy Aitken

Tri star 2 girls

Amiya Patel

Sarah Aitken

Holly Glen

Islay Jackson

Morvern Smith

Isabel Soyinka

Ella Lockhart

Grace Lindsay

Tristar 2 boys

Charlie Treharne (3rd)

Rory Treharne

Fraser Donaldson

Jan Van Der Horst

Sandy Fraser

Alfie Churches

Ali Padmanabhan

Ruari Laskey

Johnnie Munro

Euan Lockhart

Tristar 3 girls

Maddie McAllister (3rd)

Lucy Donaldson

Rachel Smith

Tri star 3 boys

Callum Miller

Jamie Glen

Aiden Quinn

Youth Girls

Mia Padmanabhan (2nd)

Full list of provisional results.

After the race, some of the junior members revealed how the race went for them.

Maddie McAllister, who was third in the Tristar 3 girls, said: “This was my first race this year and I loved running in the snow as it made the race really different and fun.”

Sisters Calli and Jodi Abel raced together for the first time. They both competed in the Tristar 1 girls. Calli said: “It was weird having my sister in the same race as me. I was very proud of her. The race was cold but lots of fun.”

It was Jodi’s first GTC event having only just joined her sister in the club. She said: “I was nervous at the start but when I came out of the pool and heard everyone cheering for me I was very proud and happy. Even Billy, the coach, was cheering for me!”

Twins Ella and Euan Lockhart were also taking part in their first aquathlon. They raced in the Tristar 2 category.

Ella said: “It was hard doing it but it was worthwhile and I would do it again.”

Euan added: “It was harder than I thought it would be and absolutely freezing but I really enjoyed it.”

Cake stall fund-raiser

As tradition now has it, there was a cake stall at the aquathlon with baking supplied by club members. This event raised a fantastic £264.50, which will go to supporting the development of the GTC youth squad. Thanks to all who baked.

GTC autumn aquathlon

Entries have opened on entrycentral for the GTC autumn aquathlon on Sunday August 19.

We speak to the coaches…

We are fortunate to have a great team of club coaches, from Level 1 to 3, at Glasgow Triathlon Club. We recently asked them about why they coach at the club and for some of their top tips for triathletes.

Here is a selection of their responses.

Why I like coaching

I enjoy seeing the development of athletes and using my experiences in triathlon to develop my coaching.

I was lucky enough to receive great coaching when I started in triathlon and that is what has motivated me to coach. I love seeing people love their sport and improving and developing in it.

I like all three sports of triathlon and helping others to find balance and synergies between them to make them the best triathletes they can be.

I love to see athletes improve. It’s very rewarding.

I enjoy the technical nature of triathlon and helping others to improve.

Top tips for triathlon

Listen to others, prepare, follow instruction and feedback, practice and enjoy.

Set a goal and work out how you are going to achieve it.

Love what you do.

Don’t do so much that it becomes a burden.

Keep it fun and in context. You are not going to win Olympic gold!

Race smiles.

Pay attention to the details, whether that’s good technique, better rest or nutrition etc. The small details can make big differences.

Use elastic laces when racing and enjoy competing.

The mind is your first barrier. Overcome your anxieties and fears to become a better triathlete.

Acknowledge your accomplishments.

Give your coach feedback and ask them for feedback. Those that engage the most get the most out of it.

Spend some time on technique because it’s free speed.

Create a plan and have the patience and perseverance to stick with it. It will bring results and rewards.

GTC athlete of the month: Juliette Linford

Juliette Linford celebrates a year anniversary with GTC this month and says she is looking forward to a longer triathlon this year and also beating her time for a half-marathon.

Juliette, who is an ecologist and races in the senior women category, has enjoyed sport for as long as she can remember. She started with ball sports – tennis, badminton and cricket – as a youngster and went on to represent Surrey ladies CCC until she was 18.

At university she played tennis and enjoyed climbing and hill walking in the Peak District. Since moving to Scotland in the summer of 2015 she has played tennis for Kelvingrove LTC and bagged a total of 61 Munros.

Juliette at the Aviemore Triathlon.

Triathlon started for Juliette by chance when she was asked to do a company event. She says: “I could run a bit, bike a bit and swim a bit. So when asked to take part in the work’s triathlon at Eton Dorney, I figured I could probably get round.

“Having loved that, I was persuaded by a friend Kasia, who was already a member of the club, to take part in the Loch Lomond Beastie Triathlon. After that I joined GTC.”

Of the three triathlon sports, running is Juliette’s favourite. She says: “I really love it. It’s such a good way to de-stress and clear your thoughts.”

Like many people who join GTC, it is swimming in which Juliette has seen the greatest improvements. She says: “I never thought I’d be able to swim continuous front crawl. The swim sessions have been amazing.

“I didn’t think I was improving, but then I knocked of 3.5 minutes off my previous swim time at the Loch Lomond Beastie Triathlon, so I figured something must be going right.”

Another half-marathon for Juliette, this time in Dundee.

She has raced several triathlons, including sprint and standard distance, and enjoyed them all.

She was surprised and delighted to end up in second place in her age group and fourth overall in the 2017 Triathlon Scotland cross events rankings, which included the Loch Lomond Beastie Cross, the Aviemore Cross Long course and Craggy Island.

She says modestly: “I was actually injured at Craggy Island, although I did come fourth in my age group at the Loch Lomond Beastie Triathlon. I was really pleased to see my name up there in the rankings but maybe that was just because I entered all three events.”

In 2017, Juliette ran three half-marathons. She says: “I did Inverness, Dundee and Glasgow – and finished them all within 1hr 43mins, which is such unwanted consistency! I am looking to improve on that this summer.

“And in the future I just want to be able to keep enjoying the sport. I would also like to do some coaching one day, too.”

Juliette’s 3 tips for beginners

Don’t doubt yourself. Your mental attitude is the biggest barrier. You can do more than you might think.

Try to do a bit of each discipline, even if it’s not your favourite one. I still get the fear before swim sessions, but enjoy it once I’m there.

Make the most of all the GTC sessions. They are really fun and everyone’s very friendly. I personally enjoy the Rugged Runs.

Dates for your diary: Rugged runs and brick sessions

Here is a list of dates for the rugged runs and brick sessions organised by the club.

The rugged runs usually alternate between north and south of the city. Sean’s brick sessions are at Aulds bakery HQ, 1 Brownsfield Avenue, Renfrew PA4 9RZ.

Jan 20: Sean Brick session
Jan 27: Nick Rugged run (north side)
Feb 3: Sean Brick session
Feb 10: Iain Rugged run (southside)
Feb 18: Nick Rugged run (north side)
March 17: Sean Brick session
Feb 24: Sean Brick session
Mar 3: Iain Rugged run (southside)
Mar 11: Nick Rugged run (Deluxe). Longer run at Killin.
Mar 31: Iain Rugged run (southside)
Apr 14: Nick Rugged run (north side)
April 21: Sean Brick session
April 28: Iain Rugged run (southside)
May 12: Sean Brick session

Keep an eye on the Glasgow Triathlon Club Facebook page for further details.

New running sessions for beginners and returners

The popular Beginner/Returner running sessions return for 2018. There will be a 10-week programme on Thursdays, from 6.45pm to 7.45pm at Bellahouston Park. The first session was January 11th and weekly thereafter. (Don’t worry if you didn’t make it to the first session because you can still join in.)

The sessions are ideal for people who have never run before or are coming back from injury/illness.

The programme will gently introduce you to the drills and skills of running so that by the end of 10 weeks you’ll be ready to join the main running session either in Bellahouston or the West End.

The session will take place alongside the main GTC Bellahouston session at 6.45pm (1hr) in/around Bellahouston park.

Runners meet at 6.30pm just inside the front door of Bellahouston Leisure Centre. Each session costs £2.25 and will be available for booking via the online booking system soon. If you’re new to the club your first session is free.

Rose McIlwhan, a GTC coach, said: “If you’ve never been to a run session because you’re worried you’re too slow, might get dropped, or you’ve never run before so don’t know what to do, then this is the session for you.

“The sessions teach people the fundamentals of good running technique. They progress from walking well, to jogging then running. They are designed so that people can work at their own pace but by the end of 10 weeks everyone should be able to run.

“In addition, for people returning from injury the sessions provide a means to get back to running safely and will help to guard against future injury by ensuring good technique.”

Warm up drills.

Lesley Mitchell joined the beginner running course last year. She said: “I was late into the series of sessions last time and I really wished I had started at the beginning. So much so, I am going to start again on Thursday.

“I would recommend for anyone who would like to enjoy running but currently finds it sore, hard and not much fun to go along to these coached session.”

The coaches request that participants wear layers of clothing so they can adjust according to temperature. Hat, gloves, scarf/buff are also strongly encouraged when it’s cold.

Rose added: “The sessions start by moving slowly so we don’t want people to get cold in the process.”

Reflective and bright clothing is also recommended. Check out the booking system to sign up, or if you are new you can turn up and enjoy the first session for free.