Why you should join GTC running sessions

Whatever type of runner you are, from new-start, to returner, to experienced, the club’s running sessions are for you.

Unlike swimming and spin, where there is a limit to the number of people that can join in, the running sessions can cater for a large number of participants and across a spectrum of ability.

The benefits of regularly attending our running sessions are wide ranging, too with many people quickly making progress on technique, performance and speed.

Running is obviously a key component of a triathlon and whether you are aiming to complete your first triathlon, record a race PB or achieve a new triathlon goal, it’s a good idea to focus on running in training.

GTC’s running sessions in detail

Monday Track Session

Where: Huntershill, 7 to 8pm

The track session is for all.

It allows you to focus on your running in a very singular way. There are no kerbs, dodgy pavements, or pedestrians and you can’t get lost.

It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you run. Groups of similar ability runners can work together.

Head coach Vicky Begg said:  “It’s a really rewarding session and there are improvements all round – technically, pacing, speed.  You really can’t go wrong with this session.”

The session is also great for para-athletes, with easy access and excellent facilities in the Huntershill Hub.

Tuesday, Multi-discipline Run (pre-swim)

Where: Maryhill, 6.15pm to 7pm

This session introduces multi-discipline training:  Run before swim. This session is organised on the streets around Maryhill Glasgow Club swimming pool or by the canal or river in the summer.

It follows Annual Training Plan guidelines for the time of year and focuses on either aerobic base work or more race specific pacing as the race season draws closer.

Thursday, Road Running Intervals and Drills

Where: Western Baths, 6.45pm to 8pm (north side)   and Bellahouston, 6.45pm to 8pm (southside)

Both of the Thursday sessions are interval-based sessions and designed with a wide range of abilities in mind.

They take place on local streets or in the parks closest to the meeting point (Kelvingrove Park at the Western Baths and Bellahouston Park).

The sessions are designed to follow our Annual Training Plan guidelines and as such will vary from aerobic base work, through speed and strength development and into race pacing as the race season draws closer.

Rugged Runs

Every 3 weeks, mostly Saturdays in winter.

Where: A variety of locations both northside and southside.

The rugged runs are group endurance runs with a focus on social running and finding new, exciting and interesting routes.

They generally cover a minimum distance of around 10km. Our leaders for these runs do a fabulous job choosing routes all around Glasgow and even further afield.

See Winter Training for further details..