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More junior podiums at Balfron Aquathlon and Stirling Biathlon

Our junior members were out in force in other races this weekend, including the Fusion Balfron Junior Aquathlon on Saturday and the Stirling Modern Biathlon on Sunday.

The Modern Biathlon is part of a series of events organised by Pentathlon GB.

It was great to see two new members from the Isle of Mull, twins Gemma and Ellen MacRae, taking part in both events. Gemma was sixth Tristar 2 female at Balfron and then took second place for the U12 girls at Stirling.

Meanwhile, Ellen was not well enough to race at Balfron but took third place behind her sister at Stirling.

GTC team mates also raced both days including Amiya Patel, who was second at Balfron and second U14 girl at Stirling, and Aurelia Tiffoney, who was the only female youth competitor at Blafron and came first in the U16 girls’ race at Stirling.

Credit: John Patton
Credit: John Patton
Credit: John Patton
Credit: John Patton
Credit: John Patton
Credit: John Patton

Balfron Aquathlon results:

Tristar 3 females: Amiya Patel second and Lucy Donaldson came fourth.

Tristar 3 males race: Charlie Treharne was second.

Also competing was Cameron O’Brien (5th) and Alfie Churches (7th)

Tristar 2 females: Gemma MacRae (6th), Morvern Smith (10th) Calli Abel (11th) and Eilidh Dick (13th)

Tristar 2 males: Finlay Adler came first and Rory Treharne was second.

Tristar 1 females: Erin Burnet was third. Also competing was Emily Dawson and Molly Knox (6th equal), Isla Amon (8th), Skye Dick (9th equal) and Jodi Abel (17th).

Tristarts male: Cory McConville was first and Elliot Smith was third

In equal fifth place were Benjamin Abel, Harvey Churches and Joel Adler.

Brodie Burnett (8th) and Ruben Devlin (10th)  also competed.

6 podiums at Gala junior triathlon

GTC came home with six medals at the Border Triathletes’ Junior Triathlon in Galashiels at the weekend. Some 15 juniors took part in the event, described by club member (and dad) Neal Padmanbhan as: “A lovely race. It’s relaxed and informal and a good one to do as a first race at the end of a summer training, or as a fun event after a season of racing.”

The swim was pool-based, the bike section was off-road on gravel tracks and the run was hilly and on grass.

Three first places

Erin Burnett was the winner of the Tristar 1 female race, while Fraser Donaldson won the Tristar 2 race. Charlie Treharne was also first in the Tristar 3 race.  

3 more podiums

Other podiums included Rory Treharne who was second in the Tristar 2 race, Nina Padmanabhan who was third in the TS2 female race and Lucy Donaldson who was third in the TS3 race.

Other competitors included:

Tristarts: Brodie Burnett (4th) and Talia Padmanabhan (4th)

TS1: Eilidh Greenhalgh (7th) and Imogen Hammond (9th)

TS2: Fraser Anderson (4th), Fraser Corfield (9th) Erin Greenhalgh (4th), Eilidh Henry (7th), Mariyah Kareem (10th)

TS3: Ali Padmanabhan (9th).

Neal added: “The races were strongly contested, especially the TS2 boys where Fraser and Rory were neck-and-neck all the way.

“In TS3, Lucy and Ali probably rode an extra bike lap, which is a shame, but they all did the club proud.”

Plenty of podiums at New Cumnock triathlon 2019

GTC had a great turn out – and five podium places – at the recent New Cumnock Supersprint Triathlon and Junior Aquathon 2019.

The adult race comprised a 400m swim in the New Cumnock Open Air Pool, followed by a 15km cycle and a 3km run. Juniors, aged eight to 15, swam 50m before a 1.5km run.

Laura is third female

In the adult triathlon, Laura Henderson came home third female. Other GTC competitors included Mary Donaldson, Sarah Grant, Nicola Dawson, Martin Smith, Susan Marsh, Caroline MacFadyen and Kelly Ludwig.

Mary said: “The race was great, but the outbound leg of the cycle nearly broke me. The were a lot of  uphill into a howling gale! There was also a very civilised buffet laid on after the race.”

Nicola said: “It was a good race except the killer headwind on the cycle on the way out. The run section definitely felt longer than 3k.

“For me it was my first cycle event since my accident so it was good just to get out and see how I got on. The food afterwards was amazing with a proper spread put on.”

Four podiums for juniors

GTC youngsters took home two gold and two silvers in the junior event.

Erin Burnett was first in the Tristars 1 female race, while Cory McConville  won the Tristart race.

Finlay Laskey was second in the Tristar 1 and Ruari Laskey, also took second place in the  Tristar 2 race.

Imogen Hammond, Molly Knox and Lillian Smith also competed.

Another podium for Erin

In another recent race, the West Lothian Triathlon in early September, Erin was second Tristar 1 female.

Silver medals went to Morvern Smith in the Tristar 2 female race, Lucy Donaldson in the Tristar 3 female race and Fraser Donaldson in the Tristar 2 male race.

Ferryn Stewart was third Tristar 1 female and Brodie Burnett came home fourth Tristart male.

Other young competitors included Eilidh Dick,  Mariyah Kareem, Isla Amon and Skye Dick.

Many thanks to Kenny Girvan, Nicola Dawson and Steve Burnett for photos.

Double gold at Lochore Off Road Triathlon 2019

GTC took home two gold medals from the inaugural Lochore Off Road Triathlon 2019 event in Fife this month. There were other strong finishes by some of our junior competitors.

Win for Charlie

On the day, the races, which included a “full distance”, “relay, “short distance” and a Tristars 3, became duathlons due to water issues.

It was in the Tristar 3 race that GCT member Charlie Treharne took first place in 36:24. He finished 10 seconds ahead of the second placed competitor.

Charlie said: “I felt like I had a good race and I felt strong throughout.

“I was glad that I won, but most of my competitors were racing at the Inter Regional Championships so I can’t be too proud.

“Taking away the competitiveness, it was a fun race, which was friendly and didn’t have a swim.”

Also competing was Cameron O’Brien who was fourth male despite a nasty fall during the run. Alasdair Padmanabhan was sixth male.

Win for Lucy

Lucy Donaldson was first female in 45:04 and fifth overall. Holly Glen took third female place in 01:07:54.

In the “short distance” triathlon – which also became a duathlon – club member Jamie Glen finished fifth in his junior male category and 11th overall.

Photos from the event

Many thanks to Hilary Glen for taking a selection of pics of GTC competitors (and others!).

Nina and Morvern on aquathlon podium

GTC youngsters Nina Padmanabhan and Morvern Smith were delighted to make it on to the podium in the recent Go Swim Loch Lomond Junior Aquathlon.

Although the number of entries in this race were low, everyone knows you need to be in it to win it.

The junior aquathlon comprised a 250m swim and 2km run. It was open to athletes aged 11 to 14.

Nina was second in 17:09 while Morvern was just behind in 17:34.

Nina said: “I loved the atmosphere and it was nice to be part of a big event and it was nice to race with Morvern.

“It was fun to race in open water because there are very few open water events in my age group.  The water wasn’t too cold!”

Three podiums at Aviemore Triathlon

More than a dozen GTC members took part in the Aviemore Triathlon this month, competing in either the Long Hard Durty or the Short Fast Durty.

The club came home with three first places, including 16-year-old Mia Padmanabhan as first female overall in the Short Fast Durty.

Alasdair Ireland took first Male Senior Vet place, also in the Short Fast Durty, while Sharon O’Leary was first female in the FSV in the Long Hard Durty.

Mia took first place.

Mia, who races as a junior, said: “It was a fun race and I was really pleased to be the first female. It felt like a big race so that meant I was even happier to win.

“I had a good swim and then I enjoyed the mountain bike course a lot. I was a mountain biker before starting triathlon so I enjoy off-road triathlons.

“The run was technical, especially towards the end with river crossings and all the trees, but it was also a lot of fun.”

Sharon was the FSV winner. Credit: Andy Upton
Romy Beard during the off-road run. Credit: Andy Upton
Neal Padmanabhan taking part in the Long Hard Durty. Credit: Andy Upton
Catriona Padmanabhan waves to the crowds! Credit: Andy Upton

Other GTC competitors at the races organised by Durty Events, were Nial Smith, Neal Padmanabhan, Juliet Linford, Elizabeth Adams, Romy beard and Catriona Padmanabhan.

The Long Hard Durty comprises a 1500m open water swim, an 18km technical mountain bike and a 9km trail run. The event incorporated Triathlon Scotland National Cross Triathlon Championships 2019.

The Short Fast Durty is a 750m open water swim, a 12km mountain bike and a 5km trail run.

See Aviemore Triathlon.

11 podiums for club at Allander Aquathlon

Eleven club members raced to podium finishes at the recent Glasgow Triathlon & Boclair Dentalcare Allander Aquathlon (Autumn) 2019.

The race is part of the annual Triathlon Scotland Junior Aquathlon Series and for 2019 the event incorporated an Adult Go-Tri heat.

The race is sanctioned by Triathlon Scotland and sponsored by Boclair Dental Care.

The GTC aquathlons take place in spring and autumn and continue to be popular with a wide of ages and abilities of athletes taking part. Many GTC members took part while others gave up their time to volunteer at the busy race.

As usual, the cake stall proved very popular and boosted the junior section funds by £186.45.

Race director Peter Soden said: “It was another very successful event for the organisers, volunteers and the competitors in what proves time and again to be an event attracting first timers and seasoned racers. We also had a good Go-Tri entry.

“There were some extremely close finishes. It was also a pleasure to hand out a host of ‘most improved’ prizes featuring many members of GTC, too

“Thanks also go to Paul for some great photos that captured the day.”

Some of the race volunteers.
The ever popular fundraising cake stall.

Thank go to professional freelance photographer Paul Chappells, who lives in Bearsden, for taking some great pics. You can contact him at 07774730898 or All photos have strict copyright.

GTC results at Allander Aquathlon 2019

Tristar Start


1st: Cory McConville    

3rd Benjamin Abel (and a “most improved” time of 56 seconds since the last aquathlon in March 2019).

Other competitors from GTC included Elliot Smith, Joel Adler, Brodie Burnett and Harvey Churches.

Tristar 1


3rd Erin Burnett (time improvement of 35 seconds)

Other competitors from GTC included Skye Dick, Isla Amon (26 seconds’ improvement), Ferryn Stewart, Emily Dawson, Molly Knox, Anna Ross, Jodi Abel, Phoebe Cuthbertson, Eilidh Greenhalgh, Joanna Farrell (35 seconds’ improvement) and Imogen Hammond.


Competitors from GTC included Finlay Laskey, Connor Birnie, Tom Crosby and Isaac Findlay.

Tristar 2


1st Mirren Stewart

Other competitors from GTC included Islay Jackson (43 seconds’ improvement), Ellen MacRae (1:52 improvement), Gemma MacRae, MOrvern Smith, Lilian Smith, Calli Abel, Eilidh O’Henley
(39 seconds’ improvement), Ella Lockhart, Eilidh Dick and Mariyah Kareem.


2nd Finlay Adler

Other competitors from GTC included Fraser Donladson, Angus Millar, Ruari Laskey, Joseph Freel 
(36 seconds’ improvement), Euan Lockhart, Cammy Aitken, Fraser Corfield 
(1:15 improvement) and Ted Churches,

Tristar 3


3rd Amiya Patel

Other competitors from GTC included Lucy Donaldson (36 seconds’ improvement), Sarah Aitken, Rowan Miller and Holly Glen.


3rd Cameron O’Brien

Other competitors from GTC included Alfie Churches and Aiden Quinn,



1st Aurelia Tiffoney

Rachel Smith also competed.


 1st Callum Miller

Jamie Glen also competed,

Adult Go Tri race

2nd female: Gillian Kyle

3rd male: Lawrence Gilmour

Other competitors from GTC included Nick Amon, Nicola Dawson and Julie Calvert.

See full results.

GTC athlete of the month: Callum Miller

Callum has been training with GTC for four years and now races in the Youth 1 (age 15 to 16) age category.

A pupil at Boclair Academy, Bearsden, his progress to triathlon began with swimming. Callum says: “Until the age of around eight, I was purely a swimmer because many of my close friends had started competitive swimming and I liked the sound of it.

“I found it enjoyable at first, but as friends moved clubs and stopped training, I too began losing interest.

“Also, I found that staring at the bottom of a pool for eight hours a week was not too enthralling.”

Callum training on the bike.

A move to triathlon

Having become disenchanted with swimming, Callum took up archery for a few years until he joined a triathlon camp.

He says: “Since that Easter training camp four years ago, I have dropped archery and began to move forward with triathlon as my primary focus.”

Callum is once again enjoying the swimming, as well as training in cycling and running.

He says: “I like being in the pool again but also with the added diversity of having cycling and running as a sometimes more enjoyable alternative.

“Another advantage of triathlon as a sport is that I find the training exceptionally fun. Overall it’s the diversity of three different sports that means I really enjoy triathlon.”

Callum likes the three sports equally. He says: “I know that some people have a favourite discipline in triathlon, such as a sport that comes more naturally to them or a sport they excel in, but I honestly find all three equally enjoyable at times.

“If I am doing a nice cycle in the sun on smooth roads, then cycling is my favourite. If I am in a warm loch, then my favourite is swimming. If I have a rainy day, running is my favourite.

“I feel like all three disciplines are great – if not the best – sports. They all have their merits and, to be honest, they don’t have many flaws, apart from cycling in the rain!”

Callum has seen great improvements in all the disciplines, as well as in his transitions, since joining GTC, but especially so in running.

He says: “It took few sessions for the coaches to identify problems and suggest improvements in my running – and how I could develop a better technique.

“I saw improvements quickly due to the fact it is probably the easiest sport for me to really exert myself and therefore allowing greater fitness to develop faster.

“I have really valued the incredible technique coaching from GTC.”

Callum racing.

Callum’s racing career

Callum began his triathlon racing career in the Tristar 2 age category. He says: “The race distances were perfect for me at the time and I then went through Tristar 3, continuing to pursue the standard age distances.

“Now, since entering the youth category, I have finished two sprint distance triathlons, both of which I felt much more comfortable doing.

“I think that I am going to continue to move up distances as my stamina allows, because ultimately I want to pursue Ironman distance racing.

“For now, sprint distance is long enough for me although I do hope to complete a standard distance triathlon soon.”

Callum has revealed two achievements he is most proud of: Last year, he was selected for the Scottish Academy and, this year, he finished in the top 10 in the British ETU Sprint Qualifier.

He says: “The Scottish Academy was my focus in 2018 and I worked exceptionally hard and tapered long for the trial.

“This year, finishing eighth in the sprint qualifier was great but I was more pleased with finishing my first sprint triathlon and achieving my goal time, by the skin of my teeth, of 1:05:00.”

This season, Callum’s goals  are to to re-qualify for the Academy Squad and “to achieve a peak fitness level so I am ready to try and qualify for the ETU sprint next year”.

He says: “Having one of my great friends attending the sprint championships this season has really spurred me on to go for it again next year – and to keep trying.”

When the raining or racing gets tough, Callum has his methods for coping. He says: “To be honest, tough training sessions are hard to come by because I enjoy the sport so much, but the occasional one, or a hard race, sometimes can be really demoralising.

“The thought of a goal, long or short-term, pushes me on though. I tend to think of things like Kona and the Super Series.

“Sometimes that still isn’t enough and that is when I turn to friendships. GTC has allowed me to make amazing friends, who I trust and get along with incredibly well. Having friends like that in training can really help.”

Triathlon goal

Callum is still young but he has set himself an impressive goal to make it to Ironman Kona. He says: “I think it is the most inspiring event to watch and I really look up to the pros who can achieve such unbelievable things.

“Watching the eight-hour barrier being broken has really inspired me to do the same, and really go for the top at Ironman level.

“Another thing I want to achieve in triathlon is to continue having fun. Always enjoying what you do is very important, and I don’t see point in pursuing something that is not your passion.”

Callum’s triathlon tips

Have friends and role models: Having friends will allow a social aspect to open up out with your training life, and it will mean you have friends you look forwards to seeing, as well as people who can encourage and support you.

Having role models is good also as it allows you to really see how it is done. Regardless of whether they are pro or just the fastest in the club, having someone that inspires you will spur you on.

Enjoy it: Having fun in the sport is important because it will keep you motivated and determined, otherwise you won’t give your all. Make sure you love what you are doing and find purpose.

Join GTC: GTC is such a friendly club and always doing the best thing for their members. It is not exclusive, meaning you can go to pretty much any training session and work it around your life.

People in the club are always there to give advice and offer guidance to beginners, which is very helpful if you don’t quite know what to do. There are so many sessions to attend, and so many coaches, allowing you to improve quickly and properly.

Mia qualifies for ETU Sprint Champs 2020

It was only 15-year-old Mia Padmanabhan’s second sprint distance triathlon, yet she came first and won a qualifier place for next year’s Malmo ETU Sprint Distance Age Group Triathlon Championships in Sweden.

Mia crossed the line in 1:12:25, just a second ahead of the runner up in the female under-20 age group at the Eton Sprints Weekend in Berkshire in May.

She said:”It was a great experience and I was very pleased to win.”

Mia was one of the first in her age group to exit the open water swim. She enjoyed the “fast and flat” bike section, which was draft legal.

As she headed into the run, Mia knew the other girls would be on her heels. She said: “It was a flat out-and-back run course and I was aware of others close behind me. When we turned and I had the last 2.5km to run I gave it all I had.

“I was happy to win and I am excited about racing in the European Championships wearing the Team GB kit.”

Another young club member Callum Miller also had a great race at the Eton Sprints. He came ninth in a very competitive male under-20 age group in a time of 1:04:14.

New sponsor for GTC race

The club is delighted to welcome Big Bobble Hats as the new headline sponsor for the Bishopbriggs Triathlon for the next three years.

The club will receive funding support from the East Kilbride-based business until 2022.

Ian Hockey, co-founder of Big Bobble Hats, is already a GTC member and is very happy to offer the new sponsorship.

He said: “I know from my own experience that GTC is a great club, with a really friendly and all-inclusive atmosphere.

“I joined the club because I wanted to give open water swimming a go and I have enjoyed being part of GTC ever since.

“Big Bobble Hats is proud to be the sponsor of the ‘Briggs race and an additional sponsor to the club alongside Run4It and Billy Bilsland.”

Ian Hockey.

Club president Sean Webster said: “We are delighted to have Ian and Big Bobble Hats on board as our latest club sponsors. The sponsorship will be be a great support for our club, helping to keep the cost of sessions down and providing some unique momentos for the race.”

Big Bobble Hats

The company was launched in 2010 and has gone from strength to strength. With a team of five employees and further part-time staff, they visit numerous sports events across the UK selling their products.

They also sell their items on-line at Big Bobble Hats.

The Big Bobble Hat is like no other – and many GTC members have enjoyed wearing the club’s branded version.

Big Bobble Hats will also become the club’s supplier of club training kit, including t-shirts, technical tees, hoodies and baseball hats.

Ian said: “Our connection to sport comes through the athletes, as well as the fans and supporters. People wear the Big Bobble Hats and other kit while they are waiting to start a race, or afterwards.

“The supporters also welcome the warm hat and clothes like the hoodies while they are on the sidelines offering cheers and support.

“We are a local business and we are looking forward to being a sponsor of Glasgow Triathlon Club.”

See Big Bobble Hats.