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12 great reasons to join GTC

It’s time to renew your membership to GTC, or join the club for the first time. We give you 12 reasons why you will benefit from being a club member.

1 Excellent coaching

The coaching at GTC is very highly rated. Ask any club member and you will be told about how much their swimming, running, cycling, transitions and general racing ability has improved  through GTC and its enthusiastic coaches.

If you’re a member of the club it’s cheaper to attend coached club sessions, rather than paying per session as a non member.

Many sessions are also subsidised by the club to keep down the cost of attending.

2 Training camps

Members benefit from subsidised training camps, such as the forthcoming trip to Playitas on the island of Fuerteventura.

3 Tri kit

The club has a range of equipment, including wetsuits, bike boxes and power taps for bikes, which can be borrowed or hired for great rates.

If you ever need any advice about what to buy, there will be dozens of club members who can’t wait to help you choose.

4 Top tips

If you have a question or a query about triathlon there will always be people in the club who will help you out, or point you in the right direction.

It’s an amazingly friendly and knowledgeable club.

5 Superb support

GTC was recently awarded an award for Outstanding Contribution to Triathlon in Scotland. Part of the award recognises the fantastic support that the club brings to many different types of athletes.

So many people in the club rave about the brilliant support of other club members. It’s a very supportive and inclusive club.

6 For friendship

You will meet a very friendly group of people at GTC. So many people have made new and long-lasting friendships thanks to the club.

We also have more than a few love matches and GTC babies that have come about because of the club!

7 It’s a club for all

The club has a good balance of men and women, as well as membership across the decades, from youths to the over-60s.

There is a place in the club for all abilities and aspirations. Do not worry if you think you won’t be fit enough or you worry you will be too old. You won’t be. It’s a club for everyone.

8 To be part of something

As well as training with a brilliant bunch of people, you will have the opportunity to volunteer at some of Scotland’s leading events.

The club hosts its own club triathlon and junior aquathlons, and also plays a major role in European and World qualifier triathlon championships.

9 To become a coach

GTC supports members to become qualified coaches. We help you to gain the right experience and to work towards level 1, 2 and 3 of your triathlon coaching awards.

10 For the parties

There are regular get-togethers organised by the club including the Christmas Awards dinner and barbecues. These are also subsidised so you can have fun for a lot less money.

11 To have a goal

Whether your aim is to lose weight, try a new sport, do your first sprint or try an Ironman, the club gives you a good focus and goals. There will be someone in the club who has had a similar focus at some point or who has the same goal as you now.

Goals are great for motivation and self confidence.

12 For personal rewards

Being part of the club is special – and it also helps people to develop as individuals. Many people will tell you that through GTC they have gained confidence, become fitter, learned more about themselves and won accolades and awards they had only ever dream of.

Why not join up and find out why GTC is the best? See Entry Central.