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4 winners in GTC Run4it parkrun competition

An inter-club competition launched by GTC president Sean Webster to score the best age-graded time at parkrun has been won by Bill Totten, Alasdair Ireland, Sharon O’Leary and Grainne McGrath.

The Run4it parkrun contest was held at parkruns on October 5 and 12. The top two age-graded times for men and women won a £25 Run4it voucher each.

Age grading takes a runner’s time and uses the world record time for gender and age to produce a percentage score. The higher the score, the better the performance.

GTC parkrun scores

Bill Totten 84.75%

Sharon O’Leary 77.78%

Grainne McGrath 75.13%

Petra Sambale 75.04%

Maggie Darroch 74.79%

Alasdair Ireland 73.88%

Nial Smith 72.77%

David Hepburn 71.21%

Annibale Coia 70.15%

Alastair Young 70.07%

Andrew Cruickshank 69.85%

Stephen MacIntyre 68.55%

Tom McGuniess 67.57%

Dougie Holmes 66.27%

Jim Lockart 65.42%

Sean Webster 63.89%

Hilary Glen 63.58%

Michelle Donaldson 63.11%

Ray Loughran 61.26%

Lizzie Hamilton 61.14%

Janis McArthur 60.57%

Judith Macgregor 59.57%

Margaret MacIntosh 59.11%

Mary Donaldson 59.05%

Manish Patel 58.86%

Julie Macnaughton 58.36%

Kelly Ludwig 55.72%

Bob Newton 53.71%

Mark Darroch 51.40%

Caroline Findlay 43.90%.

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