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Badge-athlon: Call for all members join the latest GTC challenge

GTC member and coach Iain Todd is inspiring people to join the GTC Badge-athlon. The aim is to complete 30 unique challenges in seven days.

Iain said: “The idea comes from a challenge I spotted on social media. Gary Robbins, a Canadian trail runner who is famous for his attempts at the Barkley Marathons, set 30 unique challenges and 100 days to complete them all. He called it a celebration of movement, training and running. Each competitor received a badge for every challenge completed.

“I thought it was a great idea but I wanted to make it simpler and quicker. The GTC Badge-athlon is done in a week and the challenges can be completed whether you are a runner, biker or walker. The Badge-athlon is celebration of triathlon and GTC members.”

Badge-athlon: How it works

Twenty-three challenges will be posted in advance to the Facebook group, starting at midnight on February 13.

Challenges will be as simple as “go for a run” or “attend a GTC session” to the more complicated “check the time on your watch, then run/walk/bike for 30 minutes. Look at your watch and see how close you were to 30 minutes”.

Another example is the “Early Riser” badge, which is earned by training before sunrise.

The remaining seven challenges will be announced one at a time on each day of the event. They will be revealed later…

Iain said: “To add to all this, all competitors will receive a limited edition badge, which is rarer and harder to get hold of than a Blue Peter competition badge! The colour of the badge a competitor receives will depend on how many challenges they complete.”