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Billy Bilsland donates three junior bikes to GTC

Junior athletes at Glasgow Triathlon Club are riding high thanks to the generous donation of three road bikes by Billy Bilsland Cycles.

The independent Glasgow shop – and club sponsor – is a stockist of popular kids’ brand, Frog Bikes. They have handed over three special Tour de France edition bicycles to GTC.

The bikes will be shared among children in the club who do not already have access to a road racer.

Neil Bilsland, the owner of Billy Bilsland, said: “We are very happy to donate the three junior bikes to the club and we hope they will help with overcoming the barriers that some children have to participating in sport.

“A bike is an expensive outlay and it can be a barrier to entry for some families. Hopefully, the free bikes will attract more members to join the club, too.” 

Neil, the owner of Billy Bilsland, has donated three Frog Bikes to GTC.

Thanks to Billy Bilsland

Ben Adler, the Chair of the GTC Youth and Junior section committee, has welcomed the donation. Recently junior membership has risen to 150.

He said: “Not all our juniors have access to road bikes, which play an important part in the sport. We are very grateful to Billy Bilsland for supporting our club by giving us three junior bikes.

“The recipients will have the bikes for three months in the first instance. The focus will always be on them being used by junior members who haven’t previously had the chance to try a road bike.”

Ava and Zac with the new bikes.
Ava recently enjoyed a 21-mile bike ride to the Falkirk Wheel.

Juniors enjoy new bikes

So far, 10-year-old Ava and brothers Tom, nine, and Zac, eight, have been enjoying the bright yellow Tour de France edition Frog bikes.

Ava, who has been a club member for a year, said: “I am really happy with the new bike because it is so much better than my old one.

“I also love the colour and I can’t wait to ride a proper race bike in a triathlon.”

Mum Jill is delighted with the 26-inch bike. She said: “Ava had out-grown her other bike but we could not get her a new one due to a lack of supplies in the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This is also her first proper race bike and it will be exciting to see Ava using it when racing begins again.” 

Zac and Tom will share a 24-inch bike. Zac has been with GTC for two years, while Tom has been a member for a year.

Zac said: “The bike is great and I have already enjoyed going fast round the local park.

“I’ve always had a mountain bike so it feels a lot better because I’m faster on it than usual!.”

Dad Steve added: “I am delighted that Zac and Tom will get good use of this great item of equipment. It will no doubt help them to improve in the sport of triathlon. 

“It is a wonderful gesture for Billy Bilsland to donate the bikes to the kids.”

The third and smallest bike has gone to seven-year-old Emilia. She is not yet a club member but hopes to follow in her older brother’s footsteps.

Billy Bilsland, which has been located in the Saltmarket for 40 years, is a GTC sponsor and offers a range of support to both senior and junior members. There is a 10% discount at the store for club members.

Neil said: “We have enjoyed a great relationship with GTC for almost three years and we have had many really nice customers from the club. I am very happy to be in a position to donate the Frog Bikes.”