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Cheryl races Scottish Para Come & Tri Events

GTC member Cheryl Bradshaw recently competed in the Scottish Para Come & Tri Events.

There are three Scottish Para Come & Tri Events organised by Triathlon Scotland and Disability Sports.  Cheryl, who is visually impaired, took part in the West Lothian event and there were two distances to choose from.

Cheryl says: “I chose the race that was a swim of five lengths of the pool, once around the school grounds on the bike and around again for the run.”

Cheryl and Rose,who offered support at the race.

Cheryl reports that the race was well organised. She says: “I was sent out plenty of information before the day. They managed to arrange for me to have a tandem as well.

“In my group their was four other people with various types of disabilities and during the races there were plenty of volunteers and supporters to help you keep going, which I found really helpful as I was struggling in the pool.

“When it was time to transfer on to the bike I even had two guys holding it for me. Apparently that never happens, so I’ve been told.

“The course that I cycled and ran on was very flat with one wee hill.

“I would like to do another event as it was fun and enjoyable. I would recommend other people to take part.”

There are two more events in the series in 2017. See Scottish Para Come & Tri Series.

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