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Covid Guidelines

GTC’s activities are organised in adherence to Covid-19 guidance as issued by the Scottish Government, Triathlon Scotland and sportscotland.

Note: Where you see “level” this also means “tier”.

As Glasgow and the west of Scotland moves into Level 4, this is our current understanding of the Covid-19 rules and guidance. From Friday, November 20, 2020:

  • Participants should minimise all travel for triathlon activity and stay local where possible.
  • Avoid all non-essential travel to another local authority area
  • Participants of all ages should only travel within their local authority area to take part in organised group activity
  • Participants of all ages may travel up to 5 miles of their local authority area to take part in informal exercise such as walking, running or cycling, which starts and finishes at the same place.
  • Coaches can continue to travel across areas to coach (both paid and voluntary).

Travel during activity

  • You may enter and leave other areas (any level) during the course of activity (i.e. circular cycle route)
  • You should not stop in any other local authority area.

Outdoor organised club activity:

  • Permitted for adults and Under 18s in line with Triathlon Scotland guidance.
  • Physical distancing required before, during and after activity for all ages.
  • Normal physical distancing and household rules apply before and after activity.

In addition, the guidance issued by sportscotland states: “Participants under 18 years of age can travel to and from Level 0, 1, 2 and 3 areas (but not Level 4) to take part in organised sport, physical activity, training and competition.”

This is further confirmed by the Scottish Government website, which states: “If you live in a Level 4 local authority area you should avoid any unnecessary travel out of the area.”

In addition: “If you live in a Level 3 local authority area you should avoid any unnecessary travel out of the area.”

There are a list of exemptions and one of them states: “(To and from Level 3 areas but not Level 4) travel for under 18s’ sport.”

Therefore our understanding is that Under 18s should not travel to and from Level 4 Local Authority areas for organised triathlon activity. This includes travel from a Level 4 Local Authority area to another.

No indoor club activities are currently permitted.

You can see a summary of what each of the Protection Levels:

Information for GTC members:

Please ensure you have booked a session, such as a track or running session, in advance because we have a duty to record who is at sessions for any potential track-and-trace incident.

As always, please follow the instructions of the coaches and bear with us as we adjust to the required changes and restrictions. Please do get in touch if you feel like we can improve in any way. 

We ask you to only come to training, or to bring your child to training, if they are well. If anybody in your household has Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms (a new continuous cough; fever/high temperature; and/or loss of/or change in smell /taste), please let us know and do not attend training. You are required to self-isolate and seek a test via or call 0800 028 2816. You can stay up to date with the latest guidance (see links below).

Individual activity:

In Tier 4, the rules are: Maximum of 6 people from two households outdoors only.

We should observe good hygiene/practice:

  • The guidance does not mention masks while training, so face masks are not mandatory, but we do ask that you wear a mask immediately before and after the session, and in all other areas etc. You may, of course, want to wear them for training. 
  • Do cover your mouth if sneezing or about to cough etc.
  • Practise hand hygiene by washing or sanitising hands regularly. Please bring your own hand sanitiser or wipes to training.
  • Avoid touching potentially contaminated, frequent touched surfaces wherever possible.
  • Do not share equipment.
  • Travel to the location in your own transport if possible and increase ventilation / wear a mask if sharing a lift or on public transport.
  • Because toilet facilities are closed, please ensure you/your child goes to the toilet at home before you leave.
  • All participants should arrive in training clothes because changing facilities are closed. 

Further information: 

Triathlon Scotland Covid 19 guidance.

Or call 0300 303 2713 for testing.

Committee member Dan Gates is the GTC contact for further information or questions about Covid-19 procedures. He said: “We aim to keep up to date with the latest advice on Covid-19 restrictions. Please contact me or if there‚Äôs anything at all that you would like to ask.”

Call Dan on 07449 706 583 or email

Date of last update: 30-11-20

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