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Cyclocross training session

5176539184_b27dd6f9b9_bOur very own fabbie off-road rider – and first placed female senior at the recent Craggie island Triathlon – Elizabeth Adam will lead a cyclocross training session on November 5 for all tri club members.

She hopes that participants will also sign up to the Strathclyde cyclocross event on November 6.

Cyclocross is a great way to stay bike fit over the winter and to enjoy short races.

The aim is to ride laps of an off-road course against the clock. The conditions are usually wet and muddy and there are often obstacles that require you to get off your bike to “hikey-bikey”.

More information on cyclocross FionaOutdoors.

Elizabeth says: “The aim of the cyclocross session is to show riders a few skills and to encourage more club members to give it a go.

“The races are short so it’s a great way to stay fit over the winter without being out in horrible weather for a long ride.

“The events have a really friendly atmosphere and the format means no-one knows or cares if they are the last.

“It’s also a really good way to work on bike-handling skills and core strength, both of which will make you a better triathlete and give you free speed.

“My fast bike times in races like Craggy Island are down to the fact that I’m really efficient on the bike. I’m not as fit or strong as some of the other riders but I don’t waste any energy.”

Keep an eye on the tri club events calendar to find out more. The cyclocross riders should meet at Bellahouston leisure centre at 12.30 on November 5.