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First Monday TT of 2016!

Last night’s TT was under, shall we say, “challenging conditions”, with a tough headwind from the turn back to the finish. Not to be dissuaded, 20 folks turned up for the first one of 2016, with our spot prize going to Jennifer for longest time spent slogging into the wind (there was a bit of prize roll down as Jennifer could not attend the curry so Michelle took the prize – other mentions went to Martin for ‘flattest tyres’ on his mountain bike and Niall for doing a TT with a backpack on).

Scores on the doors:

Lochlan 31:25
Maggie 33:58
John 30:26
Gregor 29:42 (the only time under 30 minutes, if I haven’t indicated quite¬†how difficult the wind was already!)
Ian 34:46
Sean 30:17
Mark 33:21
Paul 32:58
Alan 34:18
Craig 35:45
Charlotte 40:02
Andrew 34:07
Niall 32:39
Cameron 39:31
Susie 40:52
Christine 38:54
Michelle 42:27
Martin 44:23
Maureen 45:40
Jennifer 48:01

Let’s hope for less wind next time then there should be loads of improved times! The next edition will be on Monday 2nd May and subsequently on the first Monday of each month.