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GTC athlete of the month: Jamie McGrory

Many of you will have met Jamie at the Tuesday and Thursday running sessions. The GTC coach (Level 2) has been with the club for around six months, although he has been participating in triathlon for more than 25 years.

His sporting background has been mainly military-based – he is a British Army officer – and he has long enjoyed running, as well as strength-conditioning exercises.

Jamie reveals he was attracted to triathlon “because it creates a full body workout, which is a must to maintain good physical and mental health”.

He adds: “I really enjoy the training aspect of the sport as it gives you the opportunity to mix up the sessions and add variety to reduce boredom.

“I would say that running is my favourite discipline of the three sports because it comes more naturally to me and I get the most enjoyment from it. Running clears my head.”

Since joining GTC, Jamie believes he has seen his greatest improvements in cycling.

Like many people, Jamie has found ways to cope with lockdown restrictions. He says: “I have been grateful for my Wattbike throughout the lockdown period and I have also been able to continue to enjoy running within the government restrictions. 

“I always prefer to train with other people but as long as there’s options to get out and about, I’ll jump at them.”

‘I like longer distance races’

Jamie prefers Ironman when racing. He says: “This distance really pushes me to my limits.”

He lists some of his sporting successes, including coming 10th in the New Forest Marathon. He adds: “I have also been lucky to compete  in the South African world championships, the Abu Dhabi triathlon and the Dubai marathon.” 

Jamie has plenty of races lined up for this year, including Aberfeldy Middle Distance Triathlon, Loch Lomond Aquathlon, Stafford Half Marathon, Glasgow Duathlon and Stirling Half Marathon.

Next season, he hopes to be able to book some big races overseas. He says: “I really like to race in the heat. For example, I’d like to run the Marathon Des Sables within the next 24 months.”

Ask Jamie, who hopes to start his own coaching/training company within the next six months, what gets him through a tough training session and he says: “Perseverance – not showing weakness – and not being beaten by anybody.”

Jamie’s tips for triathlon

Rest and recover correctly.

Eat well and drink lots of water.

Plan your training and races.

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