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GTC awards in Triathlon Scotland Ranking Series 2019

Triathlon Scotland has announced the results of the You Can Sport Ranking Series 2019 with many GTC members winning awards. There were plenty of GTC names in the lists, too, which means our club’s participation across a list of races in the past year was very good.

The You Can Sport Ranking Series recognises and rewards consistent participation in various permitted events. Members gain points while competing in You Can Sport Ranking Series events and these points lead to overall and/or age group prizes.

Overall, in the large club section, GTC was second of five clubs with 651.83 points, behind Fleet Feet Triathletes with 1109.20 and ahead of Fusion with 514.70.

In the youth club rankings overall, GTC was second on 1475.99 points behind Fusion on 1736.05.

There are a number of different triathlon ranking categories for the adults.

There was also a Triathlon Scotland Awards ceremony , which saw professional triathlete and runner Beth Potter, originally from Bearsden, awarded the Elite Performance of the Year title.

Cross Triathlon Series

GTC athlete Juliette Linford took first place overall in the female rankings and first place in the senior age category.

Juliette says: “I was surprised to be ranked first. I wasn’t aiming for a ranking place, but I love cross races and I happened to do those that qualified.”

Another GTC member, Romy Beard was third overall and second in the senior age category.

Juliette was 2nd and Romy was 3rd in the Cross Tri Series.

In the men’s results, Nial Smith took fourth place overall and second in his senior age category.

Neal Padmanabhan was eighth overall and third in his super vet age category.

Duathlon Series

Craig Ross came 23rd overall and ninth in the senior age category, while David Hepburn was 29th overall.

In the Triathlon Sprint series, Craig Armour was 25th overall and 10th in his senior age category.

Craig Ross was 40th overall and 13th in the seniors age group.

John Kinsella 73rd overall and 6th in the vintage age group

In the female races, Celia Greig was 17th overall and fifth in the vets, while Louise Ross was 24th overall and 10th in the vets.

Alasdair Ireland, Alistair Young, Lochlan O’Sullivan, Stephen Macintyre, Martin Smith, Juliette Linford, Hilary Glen, Laura Henderson and Jane Grant also ranked overall.

Beth Potter and congratulates a young member of GTC.

Youth Aquathlon Series

Cory Mcconville took first place in the TriStarts (aged eight) category.

Joel Adler was fifth, Brodie Burnett was sixth and Ruben Devlin was seventh.

Cory says: “I love doing triathlon as it is so much fun and I get to do lots of swimming and running that I am good at. I was so happy and excited to win the aquathlon series and I am really proud of myself.”

Isaac Findlay also ranked in the Tristar 1 (9-10 age) group.

There was another first place, in the age category Tristar 2 (11-12) by Findlay Adler. Rory Treharne was third and Fraser Donaldson was fifth. Euan Lockhart also ranked.

Charlie Treharne was second in the Tristar 3 (13-14) category, while Cameron O’Brien was fifth.

In the Tristar Youth (15-16) male category, Jamie Glen was fifth and Callum Miller was sixth.

In the females age Tristar 1 (9-10), Erin Burnett was fourth, Isla Amon was sixth, Skye Dick was seventh and Ferryn Stewart was ninth. Anna Ross, Jodi Abel and Eilidh Grenhalgh also ranked.

Mirren Stewart first in the Tristar 2 (11-12) age group and Islay Jackson was eighth.

Calli Abel, Ella Lockhart, Eilidh dick, Lilian smith, Erin Grenhalgh and Mariyah Kareem also ranked.

Amiya Patel was second in the Tristar 3 age cat (13-14) and Lucy Donaldson came sixth. Holly Glen also ranked.

Holly Smith was fourth in the Tristar Youths (15-16).

Youth Triathlon Series

In the Tristarts, Brodie Burnett was third and Mcconville was fourth. Isaac Finlay also ranked.

In the Tristar 2s, in third, fourth and fifth places respectively were Rory Treharne, Fraser Donaldson and Finlay Adler. Also ranked was Euan Lockhart.

Charlie Treharne was third in the Tristar 3s. Alasdair Padmanabhan and Cameron O’Brien also ranked.

In the Tristar Youths, Cameron Miller was seventh.

In the female Tristarts, Talia Padmanabhan was second.

Ferryn Stewart won the Tristar 1s and Erin Burnett was third. Skye dick was seventh, Isla Amon was ninth and Eilidh Greenhalgh was 10th.

Mirren Stewart won the Tristar 2s and Nina Padmanabhan was fifth.

Islay Jackson, Erin Greenhalgh, Mariyah Kareem, Calli Abel, Eilidh Dick and Ella Lockhart also ranked.

In the Tristar 3s, Lucy Donaldson was fifth. Amiya Patel also ranked.

In the Tristar Youths, Mia Padmanabhan was fourth and Rachel Smith was fifth.

See all results and details.

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