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GTC Badge-athlon 2021: The results

Club member and coach Iain Todd was the creator of the inspirational and motivating GTC Badge-athlon 2021, which took place from February 14 to 22. Find out what the badge-athlon was all about.

Over the eight days, 44 people took part (note from Ian: “I apologise if I’ve missed anyone’s results, but these are the numbers as far as I can tell…”) There were 30 challenges that could be completed. These comprised 22 challenges to do over the Badge-athlon week and a daily challenge.

Some of the badges:

Back to the Future: Running 100 metres backwards

Proclaimers: Time to climb 500 steps

Marianne Vos: Fastest time for a mile on a bike

What weather?: Exercise in the rain/snow

Loop de loop: Go to a football pitch and see how many times you can walk/run around it in 30 minutes.

Ben Nevis-ing: Climb the height of Ben Nevis (1345m) by bike or on foot over the course of the week.

Some photos from the week of Badge-athloning:

Badge-athlon results

Iain has analysed the spreadsheets of all the Badge-athlon participants and these are the results:

Fastest mile (run) – 6.50

Fastest 100m backwards (run) – 26.62

Fast mile (bike) – 2 min

Longest run – 15 miles

Longest bike – 53 miles

Most loops of a football pitch in 30 minutes – 28

Fastest up 500 steps – 4 min

The badge colours:

7 people got a gold badge (30 badges completed)

5 people got a pink badge (25 badges completed)

7 people got a red badge (20 badges completed)

7 people got a green badge (15 badges completed).

Woman beat the men by averaging 21 badges to 18. 

Gregor Love’s GTC art badge win.

The winner of the GTC art was Gregor Love, “mainly because I like the 1980’s neon graffiti vibe,” says Iain.