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GTC crew head to Buttermere

14225359_10153929913648947_636667882793791745_nTen GTC athletes raced at Buttermere in the Lake District this weekend with nine taking part in the open water triathlon and one competing in the 5k open water swim.

The triathlon includes a 1.5km swim in the lake, a 44km road bike and a 13km trail run.

The triathlon swim.
The triathlon swim.
Billy exits the swim.
Billy exits the swim.
Wendy in bike transition.
Wendy in bike transition.
Wendy on the run.
Wendy on the run.

The results in time order:

Gareth Treharne 3:19:35 (14th overall)

Mike Donaldson 3:22:53 (18th)

Billy Cameron 3:38:25

Pete Soden 3:40:45

Wendy Gorman 4:06:29 (3rd FV)

Viv Gough 4:16:38

Hannah Kemlo 4:16:40

Jo Gemmell 4:20:56

Kelly Fuller 5:28:41

Wendy was delighted with her podium placing in the female vets category. She said: “I really enjoyed the event from start to finish.

“I had a good, strong swim and although I did not feel bike fit I managed to struggle through it and I enjoyed the scenery.

“I really loved the ridiculously wet, boggy and tough run. I felt like I was in my element.

“It is a great race and it was good to see so many GTC members in Buttermere.”

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GTC athletes.
GTC athletes.

Lara 5th lady in Buttermere swim

Lara is very happy with her 5k swim.
Lara is very happy with her 5k swim.

While the Buttermere Tri took place on the Saturday, two open water swimming events, a 5k and 10k, were held on the Sunday. Lara Gorman was supporting her mum Wendy in the triathlon so she decided to enter the 5km swim.

She did very well finishing in 1:27:53 taking fifth in the women’s race and 17th overall. She was only a few seconds behind the fourth placed female.

Lara, 25, said: “ I have recently taken up triathlon again and I am working on improving my fitness to be able to compete.

“The 5k swim event seemed like a good opportunity for me to gauge how my training is going and it didn’t disappoint.

“I was really pleased with the overall set up for the event and the  organisation. There was a fantastic turnout and it was a competitive race.”

At the outset Lara had hoped to simply finish the swim but in the event she found she was able to push herself a bit harder.

She says: “Having initially set out just to get to the finish, around the 2k mark I was passed by another girl who was clearly setting a faster pace than myself and this encouraged me to push myself harder.

“I believe that my competitive instinct in firstly matching and subsequently competing with her to the end improved my standing in the results.

“The race has given me achievable goals for future races as I now feel I could do better.

“In the end, I rushed my decision to sprint for the finish and missed out on a place by a few seconds.

“However, I’m delighted with my result because it far exceeded my initial expectations.”

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