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GTC juniors race at BTF Triathlon Festival 2019

A group of GTC youths headed to Mallory Park in Leicestershire earlier this month to take part in the prestigious British Triathlon U20s Festival. The event included the final Super Series Race in the National Championships 2019 and the Inter Regional Championships (IRCs) for Tristars 2 and 3.

The IRCs comprise a weekend of racing by regional teams from throughout the UK at the Under 20s festival (formerly known as the British Triathlon Big Weekend).  Each region takes a team of 16 athletes from TriStar 2 and TriStar 3 categories (4 male and 4 female athletes from each age group).

Super Series finals

Mia Padmanabhan and Callum Miller raced in the Super Series. Mia was 43rd in their Youth Female race, although she had not been feeling well going into the race.

Callum Miller was 10th in his Youth Male Tier 2 race.

Scotland B team including Finlay.

IRC Tristar races

Finlay Adler and Rory Treharne raced in the Tristar 2 boys’ race, while Mirren Stewart competed for the Tristar 2 girls. These races took place on the Saturday. The trio took part in the IRC relays on the Sunday, too.

Mirren was 12th in her TS2 race. Rory Treharne was 23rd, while Finlay Adler was 30th in their TS2 race.

The Scottish team finished ninth region overall. In the relays, Scotland A team (including Mirren) finished in fifth place. Team B (including Finlay) was 30th and Team C (including Rory) was 31st.

A report from Triathlon Scotland stated: “All members of the team should be extremely proud of not only their races but also their attitude and behaviour throughout the whole trip. They are a credit to themselves, their clubs and the region.”

Finlay racing.

Finlay: ‘It was a different experience’

Finlay Adler described the experience of racing at the IRCs as “completely different to any race I have done before”.

He added: “At first, it seemed a bit daunting because it was on a different scale to any other race I had entered.

“I enjoyed staying with the team because I knew a few of the others from my club. The coaches were all extremely supportive and encouraging and I would love to be able to have the experience again.

“As far as the racing goes I thought that I had an okay race and, as ever, different parts went better than others.

“I don’t think that someone ramming into me on the bike helped very much but I was really pleased with my run. Just like at every race I learned a lot.”

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