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Iain and Ray on the benefits of track running

If you are keen to improve your running skills and speed, there is little doubt that track sessions will be a great benefit. Glasgow Triathlon Club offers a weekly track session for athletes of all abilities.

The sessions take place on Mondays, 7pm to 8pm, at Huntershill Sports Hub, Bishopbriggs.

Wear running shoes and comfortable running clothes appropriate for the weather on the night. There are changing facilities at the hub, as well as parking and covered cycle racks.

We asked two club members about their experience of running at the track sessions.

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Track running newbie

Iain Todd had never run on a track until the club launched the Monday sessions.

He said: “My school didn’t have a track and the PE department used the main road outside the school to do races such as 100m, 200m. I am pretty sure I remember running them while dodging traffic.

“For a very short time – a morning – I was even the 100m school record holder. My time was unbelievably quick. It was so unbelievable that the PE teacher checked the measurement of the course and discovered it was only 90m.

“With this in mind, I went along to the first track session looking forward to running on an accurately measured course and not having to worry about dodging traffic.”

Iain says he does not normally care about his running times but he found that having an accurate and repeatable course has made him more competitive against himself.

He said: “I am keen to go back each time and see if I can run the course faster.”

Iain has also found that track running is a good way to test his running form and effort.

He said: “For example, I can easily see what happens if I stride longer, faster etc simply by testing his each time I run a lap.”

However, the thing he most enjoys about the running track sessions is that it’s fun. He said: “It’s great fun to run in a group. As a naturally lazy runner, it has given me a push to run on a night where I normally wouldn’t.

“Everyone, no matter what the level, is able to run together at the same time and the session benefits every level of runner.

“I would highly recommend this club session.”

Track running returner

Ray Loughran has often trained on the track over many decades of running. He said: “For many years, I trained on the track at least once a week in the winter and twice a week during the summer season. Training distances ranged from 200m to 1000m and comprised a mix of sprints over the shorter runs and speed endurance in the longer distances.

“This prepared me for a range of events on both track and road from 800m to 5000 metres on the track and 10ks and half-marathons on the road.

“Although I had not been a regular track runner for a while, I already knew the benefits of tack running so when the sessions were introduced by GTC at the beginning of September I was keen to join in.”

Ray saw the opportunity to improve his running speed, endurance and overall fitness after returning from an injury.

He said: “I have been very pleased with the improvement in my running since September. I have just returned form injury and I know I would benefit from consistent and coached raining.

“I would encourage anyone, whatever their age or ability, to give it a try because they will only improve under the excellent coaching and guidance offered by the club’s coaching set-up.”

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