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Introducing GTC training squads

Our club is growing and changing and with more than 420 members (300+ adults and 100+ juniors), it’s time to introduce a new training and coaching strategy.

The aim of the new structure of squads and coaches is to ensure that we best serve all of our many members with the highest quality of coaching.

To provide members with more details about the new coaching strategy there will be a launch night on Friday October 12, 2018. (More details to follow).

Three training squads

Members are asked to identify themselves as being part of one of three squads. People can move between squads as their goals change but for the best quality of coaching for all, it’s important that you can place yourself in one of these squads.

If you are unsure, please do have a chat with one of our coaches.

See GTC squads page

New swim coaching strategy

The club currently has 13 hours of swim time available for our adult members.

Our fastest growing membership is the group described as the Performance Squad. Our biggest group is the Masters Squad. The Social and Development Squad numbers are similar to the Performance Squad.

In light of the growing numbers attending swim sessions, we will be including a new Wednesday morning 2 x lane swim session at the new University of Strathclyde Swimming Pool. It is not yet open, so we’ll need to wait until its ready!

We have also booked a 2 x lane session at the Allander Leisure Centre in Bearsden.

This will boost our total swim time to 17 hours. See swim session times.

We hope to be able to accommodate our learner swimmers in an exclusive session, delivering a 10-week block twice per training year (October to December and January to March). This is designed to take swimmers into the Social and Development or Masters Squads depending on individual progress.

Swim times

Recorded CSS swim speeds are known to the coaching team. These have been collated and reviewed alongside regular attendance to assign as many swimmers as we can to appropriate squads.
We might not get this 100% right and not everyone has submitted an up-to -date benchmark TT time.

For new club swimmers, we will aim to fit you into the next possible benchmark TT session.

You can see the current swim sessions on the GTC swim squad sessions page.

How will this affect cycle and run session?

The manner in which we deliver our land-based sessions allows us to accommodate all abilities at the same sessions.

Developing a real sense of belonging and ownership of your squad is key to making them work.

By offering feedback and ideas to your coaches about the sessions we deliver, we can make them what you need for the level you are at.

Find out more

Please do chat with the squad coaches as identified on the GTC squads page and come along to the launch night on October 12. We will be following up with emails to members, too.