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Join GTC swim cap challenge for charity

Glasgow Triathlon Club is encouraging as many members as possible to have fun and raise money for a Glasgow charity by taking part in the  GTC swim cap challenge.

To start the donations, the club is donating £350 to the Commonwheel, a Maryhill-based charity that aims to tackle mental health issues with a range of activities, including cycling projects. A recently announced initiative by Triathlon Scotland allows affiliated clubs to re-purpose affiliation fees by keeping the money or donating it.

President Sean Webster said: “We have decided to support Commonwheel by donating the £350 to help the charity’s very worthwhile projects. We are now launching a GTC swim cap challenge for members so we can raise even more money.”

What is the swim cap challenge?

The aim is to fill a swimming cap – any ordinary swim cap! – with water. Then hold it above the head of someone you live with. Let the water-filled cap fall on to their head and it should neatly stay on their head. Well, that’s the theory…

We want members to nominate each other to take part in the charity swim cap challenge.

Record a video as you attempt the swim cap challenge at home and also donate £5 to Commonwheel.

Post your video on Facebook – remember to tag in Glasgow Triathlon Club and use the hashtag #GTCswimcapchallenge – and then nominate another club member to do the same.

(If you live on your own, you’ll need to be more inventive. Perhaps you can to rig up the challenge using a mirror? Give it a go anyway…”)

See this video for further information:

  • Thanks to Iain Todd for a great idea.