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Launch of the GTC Myathlon

The GTC committee is pleased to announce a new event for members called GTC Myathlon.

What is a Myathlon?

A Myathlon is virtual sprint triathlon where you choose your own course. The aim is to complete your own swim, cycle and run anywhere that you fancy. 

Iain aid: “Myathlon celebrates the friendship and togetherness of multi-sport athletes. I would encourage people to do the event with at least one other person so that you can share your journey together.”

How do I enter the GTC Myathlon?

If you would like to join in, see: GTC Myathlon. You can either enter the full race or you can sign up for each discipline individually. 

How much does it cost?

£10, with all money raised going to GTC. 

Is it a race?

It can be done as fast, or as slow, as you like. 

Do you have to do it all in one day? 

You can do each part whenever you like from Friday August 20 until Sunday August 29.

What do I get for taking part? 

Everyone who completes Myathlon will get a GTC Myathlon badge of honour. 

There will be awards for:

Fastest Male/Female

Fastest Swim Male/Female

Fastest Bike Male/Female

Fastest Run Male/Female

Most “interesting” course

Best event name 

What equipment does it require?

You can complete the course with basic swimming, biking and running equipment. Choose a route that is appropriate for you.

How do I report my results? 

You can enter results manually or via Strava, Garmin Connect etc.  There will be a briefing video released before the event that will cover how to do this.

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