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Legends Ranking accolades for GTC athletes


Every year, Triathlon Scotland recognises and rewards consistent participation in Scottish sanctioned events through the Legends Ranking Series.

Members of Triathlon Scotland can compete in events in various categories, including super-sprint, sprint, standard and cross triathlons, adult duathlon and youth aquathlon.

In 2015, several members of Glasgow Triathlon Club have received Legends accolades.

In the overall female cross triathlon rankings, Elizabeth Adams (O’Donnell) took third place and was first senior.

Elizabeth Adams racing.
Elizabeth Adams racing.

She said: “I love the vibe at the cross triathlon races and they give me a good goal each year to get out to beautiful places and to work on my skills for off-road, as well as my fitness. It’s great to discover I have ranked in the series.”

Neal Robertson featured highly in two categories. He was second in the overall standard triathlon rankings and second placed senior triathlete. In the duathlon he was first overall and first placed senior.

Neal is delighted by his awards. He said: “I set out at the start of the year to take part in specific ranking events, as specified on the TS website. I was keen to win a place but I definitely didn’t expect to get a first and second.

“I had high hopes in the duathlon category after three good performances but the standard triathlon placing was a complete surprise to I am delighted by my achievement.

“I’m the first to admit that I’m not the second best athlete at that distance in Scotland but if you are consistent and choose the right races it can help to propel you up the rankings.”

Neal Robertson.
Neal Robertson.

Neal wants to encourage more GTC members to take part in the rankings next year. He said: “I’d love to see more people from GTC racing because there are age category awards meaning that with the right races a good place is achievable for anyone who races consistently.

“Our club ranking should also be a lot better given the amount of members we have so it would be good for the club to have more regular racers.”

Ken MacEwan also placed second in the vintage sprint rankings and was 19th overall.

GTC ranked 11th out of 60 clubs in Scotland. President Sean Webster said: “It’s great to see our members and club placed well in the rankings but it would be even better to see more names in there next year and a top 10 place for the club.

“To climb the rankings we need more people racing. They also need to hold a TS licence. Let’s aim to get more people at the Scottish events next season.”

Awards will be given out at an Edinburgh ceremony on November 29.

To find out more see: Triathlon Scotland Legends Series.