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May Time Trial

Apologies for the uber late posting of these results. Still a windy event, this time in the opposite direction to the first one! Our winner for the evening was to be our ‘most naked’ rider (ie the one wearing the fewest layers) and the award went to Michael Kinsella.

Scores on the doors:

Ian Clunie 31:01
Christine C 33:35
Michael 26:21
Mark 30:53
David 27:40
Maggie 31:51
Caroline 34:12
Bill Rees 30:15
Alan Duff 31:16
Vicky 29:55
Duggie 35:03
Alan Mackie 33:03
Paul G 31:54
Charlotte 38:10
Martin 36:42
John L 30:23
Susie 38:19
Gillian 36:57

Muchos gracias to my lovely timing assistant Lesley and turn marshall Russell.