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New: GTC couch to 5k run training group

GTC coach Nicola Dawson is launching a Couch to 5k running block. The seven-week programme is for GTC members who want to get back into running, or those who haven’t run much before and aren’t sure where to start.

The block starts on Monday June 15 and will continue each Monday until July 27. Each week will comprise three training runs, which will slowly increase in intensity as the weeks progress. The runs can be done whenever and wherever participants like in that week.

Weeks one and two will also have a podcast to take participants through the first run of the week.

Warm up and cool down. Credit: Matthew Lejune

How will it work virtually?

Because we are still in a phased period of lockdown, there will be no group meetings for this training block. Everyone will do their own training, solo or with one other person and according to the social distancing guidelines of 2 metres.

Each Monday at 6.30pm there will be a coach-led Zoom session, including information on the week’s training, feedback chat on the previous week and a Q&A.

Nicola says: “This is meant to be a fun block of training and everyone is welcome to sign up. I’ve led many of these groups before and everyone does really well. Simply sign up online at the GTC booking page and we can take it from there.”

The cost for the block is £14. Keep a note of the dates: Mondays at 6.30pm: 15/06, 22/06, 26/09, 06/07, 13/07, 20/07, 27/07.