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Online Payment System goes live on 24/4/16

Fellow Members – Hi,

You will doubtless be aware we have spent several months designing a Web-Based payment system which is bespoke to the needs of the Club?  Several weeks ago we encouraged testing of the process and received some useful feedback which has led to a number of important system-tweaks.  We are now ready to go live! The first session we will be ‘live’ for will be swims on Sunday 24th April. Please note that, at the moment, only Sunday sessions will be using the online payment system whilst we all get used to the operation.

The intention is to roll-out gradually thereby allowing us to gain further working knowledge of the process, allow the coaches to feel their way into the new system and give our Members the opportunity to become familiar with the change.

The website URL is:

If you haven’t received login details, you need to drop an email to Paul McNally on and he will provide one for you – login to  the system is linked to your entry central payment of annual membership.

The club uses for all payment transactions and does not store your debit/credit card information anywhere on our systems.

Once logged-in – you need to purchase Credits.  Each training session credit will have a value of 50p so when, for example, you transfer £20.00, the system will record that you have 40 available credits with which to purchase a place on the advertised sessions.  From time-to-time we intend to use the system to record attendees of “Free-Sessions” which, when you sign-up to attend will not affect your credit balance.  I want to urge you to buy in blocks of £20.00 as a minimum because the Club incurs a fixed “transaction charge” for every purchase which will get disproportionately expensive for us if you just, for example, buy sufficient credits to cover a single session.  That said, we have not set a minimum transaction amount at this stage and intend to “carry” all transaction costs while it continues to be practical and viable to do-so.

Payment by Debit Card will also reduce our costs, so again, I’d appeal for you to help us in this respect too.

Once your payment is made you can purchase a place at your selected Sunday Training Session(s).  The Coach on poolside will be able to view the list of advance payees and use his/her mobile to check off attendees.

I’m able to track all payments through Worldpay and the Key System Administrators, Paul & Myself, can track your credit balances at any time.  Your payments will drop into the Club bank account each Monday.

I sincerely hope you will find the system to be easy to use and help us as we continue to develop the process in the future to make the Club a more efficient operation.

Best regards,

Bob Newton