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Triathlon is for all – so our club welcomes all

Everyone is welcome to compete in triathlon regardless of their abilities. At Glasgow Triathlon Club we have athletes with a wide range of abilities and varying goals (from keeping fit to qualifying for national or international competition). We aim to work with each person to help them to achieve their goals.

Paratri cycling. Pic credit: Alan Kennedy.
Paratri cycling. Pic credit: Alan Kennedy.

What is paratriathlon?

Paratriathlon is a growing part of the triathlon movement. It is a paralympic event, which debuted in Rio in 2016.

It is open to athletes whose disabilities fall under the five international classifications and is performed in accordance with the rules set by the International Triathlon Union (ITU). The classification system is designed to enable athletes with different disabilities to race on an equitable basis. These categories are explained on the International Triathlon Union website.

Paratriathlon races comprise 750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run. Under international rules, paratriathletes may use a hand bike or tandem for the bike section and a racing wheelchair for the run section and athletes with a visual impairment may have a sighted guide athlete to support them.

Everyone is welcome to compete in triathlon events, so if you are an athlete with disabilities that do not fall within the paratriathlon classification system you’ll still be able to compete in triathlon, just not in the paratriathlon events.

If you want to find out more about classification, British Triathlon provide a number of opportunities for athletes to participate in the evaluation process, which determines whether their impairment falls within the paratriathlon classifications. More details about this is on the British Triathlon paratriathlon classification webpage.

Hand cyclist. Pic credit: Alan Kennedy
Hand cyclist. Pic credit: Alan Kennedy

Get involved at GTC

Whatever your abilities, if you’re interested in trying triathlon with Glasgow Triathlon Club then get in touch.

We aim to ensure that our sessions are as welcoming and accessible as possible and can be adapted to suit all abilities. If you have particular needs or just want to discuss what it would be like to attend a session, please contact us in advance.

We can arrange for new members to be met at the door and at some of our training venues we can arrange for potential members to spectate training should you wish to see what it’s like before trying a session yourself.

For more information or to discuss any aspect of paratriathlon at Glasgow Triathlon Club, please  email our paratriathlon lead at

Read our GTC paratri case study.

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GTC Paratri champs

Glasgow Triathlon Club were proud to be part of the hosting of the ITU World Paratriathlon Championships at Strathclyde Park near Glasgow in 2016.

Competition: Strathclyde Paratri Champs. Pic credit: Alan Kennedy
Competition: Strathclyde Paratri Champs. Pic credit: Alan Kennedy

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