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GTC Training Aquathlon_2nd Sep_2015

Dear All,

Many thanks for attending the inaugural Pinkston Aquathlon.  It was great fun and the BBQ hosted by Emma was a wonderful addition to the night.

We pulled the event together fairly quickly, so we have a few things we can tidy up for next time and we would love to host a series next summer.   We’d be clearer with our signage (a few wrong turns, and we have worked out how to make it all off-road, so no crossing the busy roads), have better buoys (Pete mentioned getting a bit tangled up in the string) OR STRICTER RULES about cornering during the swim. I think we’d also have more helpers waterside at exit to transition and a couple more timekeepers.  For those to keen to help out in future – don’t be shy in volunteering.

The two swim heats worked well as did Sean’s randomised pairings/teams for the awards.  I did fail to mention to Sean that the time gap was only 1minute between the heats, so his overall time calculations have been revised to reflect a one minute deduction from those swimming the second heat (not a two minute deduction as was originally the plan).  OOPS, sorry about this. However, this actually made very little difference to the PODIUM positions, the only change being the David Wilson and James Grieve came joint second place with Lee Holland and Michael Kinsella.  James also featured twice in a team – with Nick Vaughan and with David Wilson – its good to be popular! Thankfully he did’t have to race twice.

Find attached the results, such as they are.

We may try to organise one more of these if Pinkston has availability … watch out for details.





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