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RACE FOCUS GROUP 8 – Session repeat, Monday 17th Aug 7-9pm

Dear All,

We had VERY disappointing turn out to last week’s Monday evening session.  Thank you to the two people who did come along and for those who indicated they could not attend.  As such, there was no point in holding the session because the whole point of it is to learn from one another’s experiences and to ‘bounce’ off one another in terms of creating a slightly competitive environment for the benchmark TT.

I will hold the session again, ONLY if I get confirmation of at least 10 people attending.  This mid-season review session is valuable, particularly to those who are in their first season of racing; offering an opportunity to learn from those who are more experienced and for suggestions to be offered as to how you can improve (whether you did well or not so well) for the remaining races in the season.

Whilst I am slightly in the huff about this, I have gotten over myself and will look forward to seeing you all in August.

See post/event on Facebook and also via Google+ – you should have received an email about the session.



Monday 17th August, GHK,  7-9pm

2 thoughts on “RACE FOCUS GROUP 8 – Session repeat, Monday 17th Aug 7-9pm

  1. Thanks to the Race focus group members who attended last Monday’s session. We had 3 new members and 7 returning. Where are the other 30 or so of you all hiding??? Run benchmark results are as follows:

    I have given an indication here of whether your times improved or not.

    Mike Kinsella – 400m: 1m 13s, 1600m: 5m 35s

    Andy Todd – 400m: 1m 19s (IMPROVEMENT), 1600m: 6m 20s (IMPROVEMENT)

    Bill Rees – 400m: 1m 30s (SLOWER), 1600m:6m 24s (SLOWER)

    Cameron Hodgson – 400m: 1m 26s, 1600m: 6m 04s

    Nial Smith – 400m: 1m 10s, 1600m: 5m 29s

    Iain Todd – 400m: 1m 21s (SLOWER), 1600m: 6m 23s (IMPROVEMENT)

    Gillian Fowler – 400m: 1m 26s (SLOWER than second attempt, IMPROVEMENT over first attempt), 1600m: 6m 37s (IMPROVEMENT)

    Christine Little – 400m: 1m 40s (SLOWER), 1600m: 7m 13s (SLOWER)

    We also had some interesting comments and experiences discussed in the race review section, looking at the varied approaches of fairly meticulous planning in certain aspects of your preparation and not so meticulous planning in others.

    Thanks again for attending. Members suggested a round-up evening as a finale to the RACE FOCUS GROUP year comprising race report talks from some of the RACE FOCUS GROUP members. I think this would make a great evening and could be something that is opened up to the club as a whole.



  2. Come along on Monday night folks. Re-benchmark of your run TT (400m + 1600m) and a race review with your fellow members.
    If you are new to the club, you are welcome to come too!

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