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RACE FOCUS GROUP – Wednesday 20th April, 7-9pm, Western Baths

Dear All Race Focussers,

Another session for your diary. Before we head out to Loch Lomond on Wednesday nights, lets slot in a Race Focus Night. This will be a chance to repeat the 400m + 1500m RUN BENCHMARK (or to do it for the first time) and to have a think about what TAPERING for racing means. The format of the evening will be to complete the 400m + 1500m runs (just off Gt Western Road) in the first 45mins or so, then an hour workshop on what tapering really means and how to make the best of your training (ie, not blowing it all by training too hard all the way up your focus race).

As always this session is for everyone in the club to attend. Please show your interest by clicking wihether or not you will ‘attend’ or ‘maybe’.

Thanks and look forward to seeing you there.


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