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Race report: Ellie Wallace at the Lochore Aquathlon 2020

GTC junior member Ellie Wallace has written a race report after she came third in the F 15 to 16 category of the Lochore Aquathlon 2020.

More than 20 club members competed in the Triathlon Festival, which was one of the few events to take place in the 2020 triathlon season.

Ellie writes:  It was the certainly the earliest that most of us had been up and about for many months – and especially in (slightly snug) trisuits. 

The car-park at Lochore Meadows in Fife was full of excited triathletes, including many familiar faces from GTC, and motivational music boomed from large speakers. 

Like the entire event, registration was very well organised and efficient. Despite the no doubt complicated regulations from Triathlon Scotland, the organisers had managed to offer a wide variety of races.  There was a choice of short and long-distance triathlons, duathlon, aquathlon, aquabike and a Tristar 3 race.

I had chosen to do the aquathlon because there is possibly nothing I like less than off-road, muddy mountain biking. 

Ellie raced to a third place. Credit: Adam Varga

Into the water

The swim course in my race was 1km, which comprised two laps and a bonus run along the beach. This was followed by a 5km trail run. 

The first swimmer went off and then we entered the water at five-second intervals.

My first 300m part of the swim went really well, even though the water was freezing and I lost my goggles temporarily due to my disastrous face plant/dive on entry. (Fortunately, the official event video only captures my elegant run into the water.)

There was then an unfortunate incident involving an angry competitive man who not only swam over the top of me but then kicked me in the face as he pushed ahead.

Other GTC juniors enjoy the race.
A GTC runner.

Swim to run

With the swim finished, I ran up into transition and I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I managed to get out of my wetsuit and on to the run course. 

The first bit of the course was flat and on paths in and around the woods. We then headed up a short but steep, muddy and rocky ankle-breaker of a hill. 

Eventually, I came across a marshal whose hilarious instruction was to “run straight ahead, turn right and mind the cows!”. 

I rounded the corner and came to a complete stop while I tried to work out the quickest way to weave through all 10 enormous cows standing on the course in front of the 3km sign. 

The route re-joined the loch shore and I enjoyed the friendly campers cheering me on as they sat drinking their morning coffee outside their caravan. 

I crossed the finish line at the end of a surprisingly enjoyable run (very unusual for me, so maybe the cows helped!). I collected my banana and medal, had my photo taken and got myself wrapped up in my Dryrobe.

Ellie is third female youth in the aquathlon. Credit: Adam Varga

A great event

Organisers had gently reminded parents that no spectators were allowed, but they still managed to provide lots of encouraging loch-side support. 

It was great to be back racing – and well done to all those who took part. Big thanks should also go to the organisers, Scurry Events.

Another GTC junior.
Transition to bike.

Junior results:

Lucy Donaldson = 2nd female and 1st youth (short distance triathlon)

Aurelia Tiffoney = 2nd female and 1st youth (aquathlon)

Ellie Wallace = 11th female and 3rd youth (aquathlon)

Charlie Treharne = 2nd Tristar 3

Rory Treharne = 3rd Tristar 3

Fraser Donaldson = 4th Tristar 3

Jack Wallace = 7th Tristar 3

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