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Racing and open water skills session

On Sunday 1st March we will be offering two racing and open water skills sessions in the luxurious warmth of the Western Baths Club (not quite as warm a Lanzarote where many of the club coaches and members will be but still better than a Scottish loch!) The aim of the session is to let you prepare for open water swimming and racing but in a comfortable environment.

We will run the same session twice so you can attend either 7.30-8.30pm or 8.30-9.30pm. Note that these sessions replace normal swim training that evening.

The sessions give you the chance to:

  • understand and practice sighting
  • practice swimming in a large group
  • understand how to do a deep water start
  • try swimming in your wetsuit (or check that it still fits if you’ve used it before 😉
  • practice indoor race starts
  • share tips and tricks on racing and open water swimming

Whether you’re an experienced open water swimmer just looking to refresh your memory or a complete novice thinking about dipping your toe into open water this year then do come along. (Even if you have no intention of swimming or racing outside this year this is usually still quite a fun and interesting session to attend)

Places are limited to 40 people each session so we recommend arriving early to get a place. Please arrive 20 minutes before the session starts i.e. at 7.10pm for the 7.30pm session and at 8.10pm for the 8.30pm session.

If you are attending please bring:

  • wetsuit (if you have one)
  • coloured swim cap (if you have one)
  • usual swim gear (including a towel)

Any queries get in touch.

Coach Rose


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