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Record membership numbers at GTC

Glasgow Triathlon Club now has a record breaking 313 members. The club also boasts a strong female membership with 139 women and girls, compared to 174 men and boys.

The youth section is included in the figures with 56 youngsters and an almost even split of 30 boys and 26 girls.

GTC president Sean Webster said: “It is brilliant to see such a robust membership at the moment and it is great that our club is going from strength to strength.

“As well as all those members who have been with us a long time it is really good to see a big new membership coming through.

“I am particularly pleased to see the number of female members is growing. Wouldn’t it be excellent if we could have a balance of men and women?

“The club is in a good place and the enthusiasm and commitment of so many members and coaches is great to see.”

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