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Sign up for new UP IT TO 10K running block

Glasgow Triathlon Club coach is launching a new UP IT TO 10K running block. It follows on from the popular Couch to 5k course.

The five-week block, which is done virtually, starts on Monday August 10 at 6.30pm and continues each Monday until September 7. It is open to all club members.

Nicola said: “This training programme is for any GTC members. It could be you would like to follow on from the recent Couch to 5k block, or you want to get back into running, or you haven’t run a great deal before and, therefore, you are not sure where to start.

“Each week, there will be a coach-led Zoom chat where the group can provide feedback, Q&As and get their homework for the week ahead.

“There will be three runs each week, which will slowly increase in intensity as the weeks progress. The runs can be done whenever and wherever you like in that week.

“The aim of this bock is that it will be fun and rewarding. I’ve led many of these groups before and everyone does really well.”

Feedback from Couch to 5k block

We asked club members for their thoughts on the recent run training block, also led by Nicola.

Janice said: “This course has been confidence-building and great to do after coming back from a knee injury. It’s great to be able to do this in a group, virtually, and everyone has been very motivated and encouraging.

“In the first 5 weeks I am starting to feel fitter and actually enjoying the runs. I’ve gone from zero to let’s try for 10km.”

Jane said: “I had lost my confidence and enjoyment in running. However, after following this programme, I now look forward to going out running and I am enjoying this again. The support from Nicola and other group members is great.”

Matt said: “After years of being sat on the couch and eating poorly, I’m lighter, fitter and setting exciting exercise goals. Thanks Nicola for the awesome coaching and high five to the rest of squad for keeping me focused. I can’t wait for the 10k to start.”

Beth said: “Like many people during lockdown, I lost my exercise mojo. Running for me is social. I like to run slowly and catch up with my pals. However, I have been coming back from injury and my lack of running this year has made every run on my own particularly hard.

“The couch to 5K programme has allowed me to go back to basics and given me a purpose and a peer group for support. A weekly Zoom call is a great way to encourage each other and make some new friends.  

“Nicola has been a great leader and has shared some excellent strategies for dealing with any challenges we may face along the way.”

The cost for the up it to 10K five-week block is £10. Book on-line.

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