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Spin Booking – Trial of New Online Booking System

We are trial-ing the club’s new online booking system for Wednesday’s spin class.  This system hasn’t been activated yet so it’s only being used as a sign-up list, you will still pay on location as normal, in this case that’s £4.00 at the door of GCU.
You will need to login to the site and reset your password. Your username is the email address you used to join the club at EntryCentral and If you are waiting until payday and need on the system send an email to
Reset your password here:
find your even here (Spin Class (Wed 27th Jan 2016)
You won’t be able to join as you don’t have funds, so use the transfer funds page to credit your account:
We use worldpay to transfer the money, but at the moment we have pre-filled the credit cards.
If you are still feeling adventurous after that you could say you are attending the AGM which is also on the calendar page.
It’s a trial run and we need feedback, so please do let us know what you think at ‘