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Super Summer Series Arran

Easter Monday (21st) sees the first Super Summer series ride of the year! For this ride we will be heading over to Arran to enjoy a bit of island splendour. There are several options for routes on Arran, there is the standard circumference of the island route which is approximately 55 miles. If this seems a bit far then cycling the top half of the island is also a possibility. For those looking for even more miles, the figure of 8 route offers a bit more distance (and a bit more climbing, having to cross the middle of the island twice!). Please aim to get the 8:20 ferry from Ardrossan harbour, this will arrive in Brodick at 9:15, allowing a timely start to the ride. As usual, ensure your bike is in good working order and you have appropriate clothing, helmet, puncture repair spares, a map or knowledge of the route and fuel for your ride. For cake stops, I thoroughly reccie’d the tea break situation at the weekend with the Westerlands CCC and can recommend some of Arran’s various golf club houses (at Sannex and Blackwaterfoot) or the tea room at Machrie.

Hope everyone has a good ride, I will be drowning in a tent somewhere oop norf.

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