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The winners: GTC Club Championships 2019

More than 110 club members took part in an inaugural GTC Club Championships 2019. Organiser Craig Armour compiled a list of 18 races, spread across the season. Scores were awarded for each athlete’s best three races to reveal the winners in each age category.

See all names and places:

The winners


  • Junior: Jamie Glen
  • Senior – Craig Armour
  • Veteran: Alastair Young
  • Super Vet: Alasdair Ireland
  • Vintage: John Kinsella


  • Junior: Mia Padmanabhan
  • Senior: Amy Ritchie
  • Veteran: Arlene Lewis
  • Super Vet: Sharon O’Leary
  • Vintage: Julie MacNaughton.

Congratulations to all.

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