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Three new level 2 coaches for GTC


The club is delighted to announce three new UKCC Triathlon Level 2 coaches.  Jo Hewitt, Hannah Kemlo  and Erin Macleod (junior coach) dedicated six days to the course, organised by Triathlon Scotland, and spent many hours honing and revising their skills to qualify.

This takes the total number of Level 2 coaches in the club to six.

Jo said: “The course was harder than I expected but thorough and I am very pleased to have achieved the award. Having extra Level 2 coaches in the club means there are more ideas for coaching, which is a benefit to members, and there are more people to do session writing, which spreads the work out a bit more.”

Hannah said: “I’m really chuffed to have gained my Level 2 coaching award. Although it’s a relief to have completed all the work for the qualification it now means I’ll be taking on more responsibility at GTC.

“Just now I am not working full-time so I do have time to devote to coaching. I have been writing the coaching programmes for 12 swim sessions for all four lanes. Plus, I have been leading the beginners’ swim coaching and taking the beginners’ running.

“It’s fun but I doubt I’ll be able to keep it up once I have a full-time job. It would be good if the club had even more Level 2 coaches to allow us to spread the work of writing and leading coaching sessions.”

Wendy spoke on Erin’s behalf. She said: “I am delighted for Erin, who helps me with the junior coaching sessions. Now she has her Level 2 qualification it means we can share more of the work in writing coaching plans and sessions. This is a great benefit to the club and to the junior athletes.”

Head coach, Vicky Begg, said: “It’s great to have three more very valuable Level 2 coaches. They have worked hard to achieve this qualification, which is quite big step up from Level 1. It’s good news for the club and it will be of benefit to the coaching team and the members.

“We would welcome and support more Level 1 coaches in working towards their level 2 triathlon coaching qualification.”

To find out more about attaining a Level 2 UKCC triathlon coaching qualification ask Vicky or check out Triathlon Scotland.