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Time to renew GTC membership

It’s time for Glasgow Triathlon Club members to renew their membership. Scotland’s largest triathlon club also welcomes new members, which means you might want to show this article to friends and family who may be interested in our sport.

See entrycentral for details of how to rejoin GTC for a great annual price of £32 for seniors.

It is £17 for juniors, see junior entrycentral.

There is an additional service fee and members should rejoin by January 31.

GTC in 2021

Of course, the start of 2021 looks very different to the beginning of all other years. Scotland is once again facing strict Covid-19 restrictions and this does mean that there can be no face-to-face training sessions, nor any races for the time being.

However, there are still many advantages to being a GTC member, especially the comprehensive on-line coaching programme and the sense of community.

GTC head coach Vicky Begg issued a positive message to members earlier this week. She encouraged athletes to take advantage of as many on-line GTC sessions as possible and she also underlined how important it is to meet with other people for training runs where possible and in compliance with the government rules.

As a club we believe there are many reasons to be a GTC member.

10 reasons to join GTC

1 Great value for money

The cost of membership is just £32. That is just £2.66 per month. For this small amount you gain a host of benefits. Please read on…

2 Continued coaching and activities in lockdown

The coaching programme is created by our head coach (level 3) Vicky Begg. This changes according to the time of year and focuses, loosely, on a racing season and non-racing season.

During the pandemic, Vicky has worked very hard with a small team of coaches to offer a broad programme of coached sessions, on-line and face-to-face when possible.

There can be few clubs that have shown the same commitment to their members and the range of sessions is innovative, imaginative and inclusive.

In addition, the club organises regular socially distanced challenges and on-line activities, such as group Zwift, quizzes and guest interviews. Stay up to date with what is going on through the busy GTC Facebook group.

3 Coaching in normal times

It’s hoped that in 2021, the club can return to a more normal programme of coaching. Members can be assured that training will be Covid safe with our GTC Covid officer keeping the club up to date on the correct measures and procedures.

GTC operates a system of training squads so that sessions are designed to suit a wide range of athletes and aspirations.

The training sessions in swimming, running and cycling are led by qualified club coaches (from level 1 to 3). They are closely overseen by the head coach.

The club aims to keep the cost per coached session as low as possible for members.

One of our sponsors, Billy Bilsland

4 Great discounts

Thanks to our sponsors, we can offer a range of great club discounts.

The club has a range of equipment, including wetsuits, racing wheels and power taps for bikes, which can be borrowed or hired for budget-friendly rates.

There is also a special GTC discount for members who want to supplement their training at one of 22 venues owned by Glasgow Life (when these are open).

There are also discounts at various sports shops.

It is only members that can take advantage of these discounts and offers.

5 Support & motivation

GTC  has been awarded an accolade for Outstanding Contribution to Triathlon in Scotland. Part of the award recognises the fantastic support that the club brings to different types of athletes.

This support, through training sessions and various challenges and activities, has been especially important during the pandemic when many members will have had the potential to feel lonely and isolated.

A strong sense of community remains among club members and many have said how grateful they have been for this throughout the past nine months.

A club for adults and juniors.

6 It’s a club for all

GTC is the largest triathlon club in Scotland with almost 500 members. There is also an almost even split of males and females.  Membership crosses the decades, from youths to the over-60s.

There is a place in the club for all abilities. We also have a well regarded para tri section and a dedicated youth squad.

It’s a club for everyone and whatever your age, experience or fitness levels we welcome you.

7 A friendly club

You’ll meet new and likeminded people at GTC. Many members will also tell you about the fantastic friendships that have been made in the club.

New friendships are still being made and formed despite the difficulties of the pandemic. Scottish Government Covid guidelines allow people to meet for exercise and GTC encourages this because going for a run or bike ride with another person can make a huge different to motivation and also to mental and physical health.

8 Training trips at home and abroad

In normal times, the club would be promoting a list of subsidised training camps that are held annually in Scotland and abroad. These are on hold just now but as soon as it’s feasible to do so, these trips will be on offer again.

Training in a new place with dedicated coaching brings many benefits, both socially and in terms of  improved fitness.

9 For top tips

If you have a question or a query about triathlon there will always be people in the club who will help you out, or point you in the right direction.

The GTC Facebook page is a great place to ask a question.

Credit: Adam Varga

10 To have a goal

Whether your aim is to lose weight, try a new sport, do your first sprint triathlon or try an Ironman, the club provides members with a focus and realistic goals.

There will be someone in the club who has had a similar focus at some point, or who has the same goal as you now. Many members are happy to help each other and there are always coaches available to chat through your plans.

With all this in mind, make sure you re-join or join for the first time to reap the benefits of GTC.