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Squad coaches

Who are your squad coaches at GTC?

Development Squad Coach: Duggie Macnaughton

 Coach level: 2 

Years involved in GTC:  12years

Years involved in triathlon: 12 years

Years of coaching: 11 years

About Duggie: My personal experience demonstrates that people can improve and achieve beyond what they initially consider to be their limit. The friendships made in this club and sport are lifelong. 

About the Development Squad: The development athletes contribute a huge part to the lifeblood of this club. They are some of the most enthusiastic and widely motivated participants. This squad allows for significant development in focused areas, if you have a specific weakness, and across the range of disciplines. 

About being the Development Squad Coach: I enjoy encouraging people to improve their ability and performance across all disciplines. I see my coaching role as encouraging the development athletes to improve via coached sessions and workshops and by providing a point of contact for queries. I would also like to see members forming their own cycling or running groups because I believe your peers are who the ones to give you the confidence to train more and enter events.

Our club aim is to help everyone to reach whatever goals they have – and to share in their delight in achieving and surpassing them.


Development Squad Coach: Alastair Young

Coach level: 1

Years involved in GTC: 3 years

Years involved in triathlon: 3 years

Years of coaching: 6 months

About Alastair: I have participated in a wide variety of sports over years and discovered triathlon about three years ago.

About being a Development Squad Coach: As someone who started their triathlon experience in the development squad, I am very aware of the possible hurdles to overcome to make triathlon the enjoyable and rewarding experience I know it to be.

The Development Squad Coach role gives me the chance to help others coming into the club and the sport learn from my experiences.


Masters Squad and Masters Swim Squad Coaches (shared role): Hannah Kemlo and David Wilson

Hannah Kemlo

Coach level: 2

Years involved in GTC: 8 years

Years involved in triathlon: 11 years

Years of coaching: 6 years

About Hannah:  I can’t resist a bit of muddy off-road – on foot or bike!

About the Masters Squad: The masters are the backbone of GTC, hopefully inspiring our Development Squad and occasionally feeding into the Performance Squad. I like to think we work hard and play hard!

About being the Masters Squad Coach: I enjoy helping ordinary people juggling work and family to achieve their goals and race to the best of their ability


David Wilson

Coach level: 1

Years involved in GTC: 14 years

Years involved in triathlon: 15 years

Years of coaching: 7 to 8 years

About David: Over the years, I’ve completed a broad range of triathlons from Sprint to IronMan distance. I’ve also enjoy some events outside triathlon, such as long-distance swimming, a Spring Cycling Classic course and a week of the Tour de France route.  After a period of exercise and triathlon hibernation, I’m getting back into the swing of things by entering IM Wales along with 50 other GTC nutters!

About the Masters Squad: The Masters Section represents probably the broadest cross range of athletes in the club.  Some of you will have made massive strides over the last few years and are looking to take that next step in your training.

Others might be new to the club, strong in one or two areas, but looking to make improvements.  Some just want to maintain a good level of fitness while other parts of life take priority.  It’s our aim to help you all to get the most out of GTC

About being the Masters Squad Coach:  I know I can be a little grumpy on occasion (I prefer tough love) but it always comes from the place of trying to help athletes get better.

I like to share the little nuggets of knowledge I’ve picked up over the years as a coach and a fellow Masters/Performance (maybe one day again) athlete.

I’m really looking forward to helping members get the most out of their training and helping those that want to progress as far as they can.  Part of this will be working with the Development and Performance coaches to make sure members can move “up” as seamlessly and easily as possible.


Performance Squad Coach: Sean Webster

Sean Webster

Coach level: 3

Years involved in GTC: 17 years

Years involved in triathlon: 25 years

Years of coaching: 10 years

About Sean: I’m still a keen racer and hopefully always will be. I have been coaching triathlon for around 10 years and several years ago I went back to university to study sport and exercise. I have qualifications in coaching several others sports and also I have experience of working in gyms

About the Performance Squad: I see our Performance squad athletes as the early adopters of new ways of training and being exemplar to the other squads in terms of commitment and professionalism.

About being the Performance Squad Coach: For my level three coaching project I looked at recovery strategies to optimise performance such as Heart Rate Variability, sleep optimisation and meditation.

Another area I am interested in is pacing strategies in races; at what intensity should you race each discipline for the optimal finish time?

I am keen to coach all athletes, but more specifically those who seek to improve each year by training smarter or pursuing new strategies.