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Triathlete of the month: Nina Padmanabhan

Nina enjoys her podium moment.
Nina enjoys her podium moment at Stirling Triathlon.

This month we are featuring one of our junior members, Nina Padmanabhan, who races in the Tristar Start category (age 8 and under).

Nina lives in Bearsden and has been with GTC for about a year. She follows her siblings, Mia and Alasdair, into the sport. She says: “My sister and brother told me how much they liked triathlon and so I wanted to do it, too. They said it was very fun.

“Because I also like cycling, swimming and running lots I thought it would be a good club for me.”

In Nina’s first ever triathlon race at Stirling earlier this summer she took third place. She was delighted, saying: “The triathlon was amazing. I loved it.”

Nina enjoys triathlon training in general because, she says, “It is very fun and keeps me fit. My favourite bit is cycling, then it’s running, then swimming. I also like meeting new people and making friends through triathlon.”

Nina attends regular coached junior sessions and enjoys meeting with friends, learning new skills and improving her fitness. She adds: “I also really like all the coaches.”

Nina believes she has seen the biggest improvements in swimming but she still likes cycling the most. She says: “My favourite part of triathlon is cycling because that’s my best thing and I just like it more as well.”

Nina is keen on other sports, including walking. She says: “I have climbed 22 Munros (mountains in Scotland with a summit of at least 3,000ft). I also like going canoeing on lochs or the sea and mountain biking.”

Nina’s triathlon tips

1 You shouldn’t eat before the race or you will probably get a stitch.

2 You should try your hardest.

3 If it’s a long triathlon, don’t start off fast.

4 Have fun.

Nina’s ambitions in triathlon include “doing as many triathlons as I can”.

She adds: “I would like to become a coach when I’m older. I’d like to encourage people to have fun in triathlon.”

Many thanks to Nina for answering our questions. We wish her all the very best in the future.