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Two new Level 3 coaches at GTC

Level 3 High Performing Coach Programme.

Our club has welcomed the news that we now have two new Level 3 coaches.

Sean Webster, the club’s president, and Rose Mac, who look after our para tri section, both achieved the UKCC Level 3 Triathlon Coach award last month.

The Level 3 High Performing Coach Programme has been designed to revolutionise the way British Triathlon currently develops coaches, informed by the latest research in adult learning and coach education and based on over 10 years’ experience of delivering the level 3 qualification.

The Level 3 programme focuses on coach and athlete development, supporting individuals to achieve their goals and ambitions.

The ethos for the course is that it is coach-centred, with a strong emphasis on challenging existing knowledge and developing further understanding through a culture of collaboration and shared experience.

Level 3 allows a coach to offer one-to-one coaching for athletes.

Rose is very pleased to achieved her L3 coaching qualification.

Rose is delighted to be a Level 3 coach. As part of her course she prepared a presentation: How being a coach with disabilities affects my coaching.

She said: “I applied for the L3 course as a means of challenging myself to improve my coaching across all disciplines of triathlon.

“The course gave me the opportunity to reflect on my coaching and to learn from other coaches and clubs.

“Undertaking regular video analysis of my coaching and discussing it with my mentor was a really useful way to develop my skills.  I’m also very grateful to all the athletes who were filmed being coached by me, or who filmed me coaching.

“Getting back to 1:1 coaching has been really rewarding, particularly in seeing how the athletes I’ve worked with have grown in confidence and skill.

“It means a lot to me that my coaching skills have been recognised by British Triathlon as those of a high performing coach. I hope to be able to use these to continue supporting GTC athletes.”

Sean finishing Ironman Wales 2018.

Sean is also pleased to have achieved the Level 3 award. He said: “I enjoyed the course and it has given me a greater understanding of how to improve my coaching both in the club and as a one-to-one coach.

“It is always good to challenge myself to further my learning and education, especially in the field of sport.”

The club’s head coach, Vicky Begg, congratulated Rose and Sean. She said: “They will both Sean be a huge benefit and support to our club members.  They bring experience and knowledge in very different specialist ways.
“Sean is a sports scientist by profession, an enthusiastic race participant and long-term GTC member and can offer of wealth of insights into many different areas of triathlon.
“His commitment to developing the club and what we offer to members is evidenced by our growth in membership and his most brilliant piece of coaching advice:  ‘That’s good, now just do it better!’
“Rose brings swim specialist, disability, outdoors activities and  coaching skills to the club. In recent years our swim development sessions have blossomed under her guidance, resulting in a membership boost and a growing reputation for inclusion at all levels.
“Rose is infinitely patient and understands the importance of participation.”
  • You can contact Sean and Rose – and also the club’s other level 3 coaches, Vicky Begg, Billy Mitchell and Crawford Whyte – if you are looking for personalised coaching. This is a charged service and you should discuss fees with each coach.
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